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 Show the world that pole dancing is something to be valued and celebrated.



"Giving students a degree of accountability for their own progression with gradings is such an amazing thing! It’s great to see students working towards something & being so motivated" ❤️ Laura Robinson, Polarity, Crediton, Devon, UK.

"Hi, thank you very much for taking the time to mark my level 5.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating my piece and will take all points on board and hope to push to get a distinction for level 6! (with lots of practice!)"
Charlotte Raby, Pole Essence.

"LOVE IT!!! Everything about it is so professional and it's so nice to have a pole record of achievement that will be recognised nationwide!"
Tracy Huckfield, Pagan's Pole

"yayyyyyy this is awesome!!"
Deanna Michelle Wallace



£20 annual membership - join your community!

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