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Core Moves Syllabus - Big Book


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Laid out in levels, the book has an alphabetical contents section with cross referenced AKAs, so you can always quickly find the move you are looking for.


  • big A4 size - weighs over a KG
  • 335 techniques and classifications 
  • bigger photographs 
  • searchable contents section


This is the collaborative work of over 300 PDC Approved pole dancing instructors who have submitted their pole dancing core moves to the PDC Syllabus.

Our members have also added their AKA's so each move has a most commonly used name as well as other names currently in use.

Each move is labelled with its level of difficulty – these levels relate to the PDC pole dancer grading system - the Advancement and Accreditation Program (AAP).


The PDC Syllabus is not designed as a teaching aid, rather it is a resource to help the development of pole dance grading and to provide a reference point for names and the classification of moves.


We hope you will find this book useful to chart your pole dancing progress, ticking off moves you have successfully achieved and making notes about moves that need further development and we wish you every success with your pole dancing progression.




13 ladies from the Nottingham Pole Association would like to say a big thank you for the PDC syllabus book, we love it :)
Monique - Nottingham Pole Association

Love the new PDC book! Great job!
Juanita Marable - Vertical Secrets

My pdc syllabus book arrived yesterday and i am so pleased with it, i strongly recommened it to everyone :) x
Bridie Gallagher Benefit Pole Fitness.

I've just received my copy of the PDC Syllabus Book - Simply WOW!

A great teaching aid in a terrific format, really easy to follow - over 300 moves with plenty of pictures; coaching points along with a space for personal notes; and those all important (and often amazingly different) names/AKAs.
I feel sure it will become a firm favourite with pole schools and polers worldwide.
Well done Sid and Sam, and everyone else involved, this book is obviously a labour of love, a great achievement - your work has resulted in a fabulous product - thank you from all at
Princess K xx


LOVING the new syllabus book that's just dropped thru the door - much much better than I even imagined! Well done :) xxxxx
Northern Pole Dance via Twitter for iPhone


Nice job with the book. I love it. Gonna end up reading that while I should be doing other work!! :)
Emma Polenastics via Twitter for iPhone



AAP (PDC grading) members get £5 off the RRP! Just mail us with your AAP number.




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