PDC Approved (3 Star) Pole Dancing Instructors

All PDC Approved (3 star) Instructors have provided the PDC with copies of their industry recognised qualifications, professional indemnity and public liability insurance as well as an up to date first aid certificate.

All PDC approved instructors have agreed to abide by the PDC code of conduct.


A PDC Approved (one little starone little starone little star) Instructor represents the highest level of professionalism and teaching quality within the pole fitness industry.


Pole Dance Community has 257 registered members
Spin City
Swansea Pole and Aerial Academy.
Stages Pole Fitness
Pole Elevation
Apsara Dance
Pole palace
Amys Pole Fitness
Momentum Pole & Aerial
Zero Gravity Pole
Ashlie's Pole Fitness
Indigo Pole and Aerial Fitness
Zero gravity
Vertikal Pole Grimsby
Apex Pole Fitness
Cumbria Pole Art
Zero Gravity
Vertical Dance Avellino
Zero Gravity
Pink Kitten Dance School
Pole Place Horsham
GFFdamian Dance Studio
Multipole Fitness
Pole Place Horsham
Pole Effect
Pagan's Pole
Body Image uk
Body image uk
Off the Ground Pole Dance
The Art of Dance
Constellations fitness
Scarlet Fever Pole Fitness
Northumbria Pole Fitness Studio
Body Synergy
Swansea Pole & Aerial Academy
Every Body Dance and Fitness
Spin City Brimpton
Twisted Metal Pole & Aerial Fitness Studio
Kelly Amelia Fitness Studios
Wings Studios Ltd.
Feel Good Fitness Scotland
Polercise Tenerife
Devon Pole Dance
crazy pole Dresden
my gravity fitness and dance
Moving Lions - Polefitness by Janine
Twirl Fit
The Fitness Hangout
Zero Gravity
Soul, Pole & Fitness
Twirl N Tone Pole Dance Academy
Twisted Sisters Pole Dance and Fitness
Pegasus power studios
JT Polefitness
The Foxx Den & Polekat fitness aerial arts academy
scarlet fever
Urban Circus
Sw pole fitness ltd
Muscles and Curves
The Pole Hub
Spincity Exeter
KeriBPole & Aerial Empire
Pole Place, Pole Physique & Alt Fitness
West End Pole Dance Academy
Kristal Pole Fitness
Rainbow Pole & Aerial Fitness
Pole Place
CAW Fitness
CAW Fitness
Vertikal Pole
silhouette fitness studio
Tone & Twirl
Studio 11 Aerial Fitness
Karrie’s Pole Fit and Aerial
Cloud Elite
Athena Fitness
Pink ladies pole and aerial fitness
Spin City
Fullam Ketch Fitness Ltd
Bliss Pole and Aerial
In the Shadows
Zero Gravity
Iris Pole Dance Studio
York Pole Dance Academy
Studio 11 Aerial Fitness
Studio 11 Aerial Fitness
Pink Kitten Dance School
Luna Acrobatics and Aerial Arts
Chrome butterflies pole and aerial studios
HW Pole Dancing Society
Bodywork Therapy
Zero Gravity
Inverted Circus and Pole Fitness
Zero Gravity Pole Studio
Girls Love Fit Pole & Aerial
Get Fit and Fly
Twirl n Tone
Charlotte Robertson Pole and Aerial Fitness
The Polling Station
University of Brighton
Pink Ladies
Cherry Dance - Academy of Burlesque and Pole Fitness
Twisted Sisters Pole Dance and Fitness
Bexpoles Studio
The Watermelon Studio
Studio Essence
Samantha Walsh Pole Dance and Fitness
Samilou Pole & Aerial Fitness Studio
Pheebs Pole Fit
Spin City Newbury
A Pole New Adventure
Pole Place
Aerial Empire Leeds
Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness
Half Pint Pole
Pole Da Cise
Zero gravity
Defying Gravity / Intapole Aerial Fitness Studio
The Polling Station
My Gravity Fitness and Dance,
Platform 360
Iris Pole Dance Studio
Body Image UK
Pole Crazy
Sophisticated Pole
Pole-Da-Cise Wiltshire
Manx Pole Dance & Fitness
Tempest dance studio Durham
West End Pole Dance Academy
Addictive Pole Fitness
360 Pole Dancing
Pb Dance and Fitness
Self Employed
Candy & Chrome
Vix Pole Fitness Classes
The Polling Station
ILP Fitness
Iris Pole Dance Studio
The Pole Lab
Aerial Empire
Pheebs Pole Fit Studios
Vertikal Pole Grimsby

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