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CrazySportsAugsburg Pole Instructor Training

Teacher Training from and with the author of the books “Poledance Passion” and “Aerial Passion Trainerguide”

CrazySports Augsburg – Teacher Training.

The Aerial Sports Pole Dance and also Aerial Hoop are characterized by a mixture of strength, conditioning, dance and acrobatics. Trainers and instructors have to know a lot of things about class-management, anatomy, safety, spotting. The demands are high. Well educated trainers are the best prerequisite for students to learn and be safe.

CrazySports Augsburg by Nadine Rebel offers different teacher and instructor training for Poledance and Aerial Hoop. Nadine Rebel studied sociology, psychology and educations science and is the author of the book “Poledance Passion” and the author of the new book “Aerial Passion Trainerguide”.

CrazySports Augsburg offers teacher training for new trainers (Pole Newbie trainer), for Intermediate (Pole Intermediate trainer) and for Advanced (Pole Professional trainer) as well as Aerial Hoop teacher training for all levels. Even further education for studio leaders is offered.

Instructor Education and contents:CrazySportsAugsburg Instructors
For upcoming trainers it is very important to feel comfortable, strong and safe while teaching. Therefore the CrazySports Teacher Training offers a method which teaches the participants to create their own courses based on the knowledge of sport education science.

A person who wants to become a trainer must have certain prerequisites which are requested in advance. Only people who fulfill the prerequisites can participate.

During the education practical and theoretical knowledge are trained. People have to pass a written test as well as a practical test at the end of the instructor education.

Educated instructors also have to approve the Code of Conduct for instructors and coaches. This Code of Conduct contents security aspects as well as being a role-models for students and the sport in itself.

International Recognition
CrazySports Augsburg has gone the way of the entire course concept documented meticulously in order to submit it to the PDC for review and approval. The training gained official PDC course approval in July 2018.

CrazySports Instructor Training Course Content
The role of a coach (role model desired behaviors, dealing with customers, Dos and Don'ts)
Preparing classes
Learn to create courses
Dealing with different characters
Spotting and support
Being a role model
Teacher appearance (body language and rhetoric)
....and a lot more.

CrazySportsAugsburg Master Trainer


Who can become an instructor?
To become an instructor one has to show that he or she is able to do several spins and moves him- or herself.
People have to send videos before being accepted of attending the instructor training.
Follow the description on our website for the course you want

Who provides the training?
Participants are being educated either by Nadine Rebel (director of CrazySports Augsburg and author of the book “Poledance Passion” and “Aerial Passion Trainerguide”) or by her daughter Sophie Rebel (trainer, black belt Tang Soo Do, student of Health Management)
The training is taking place either in the studio in Augsburg (CrazySports Augsburg), online or at your studio.

Course References:

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Anita Sube said "I really can recommend this teacher training for every person who likes to attend a very good education programme. With this programme one can base the trainer profession on a very high qualified fundamental. All needed topics were examined, the structure was comprehensible and well documented. Handouts and given materials are a great help for further instruction. Explanations and practical exercises were as well prepared as the given demonstrations. Nadine works with a lot of passion and patience. I appreciated the friendly and sympathetic atmosphere, liked the cleanness of the central located studio. This teacher training totally exceeded all my expectations."

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Yvonne Probst "I searched quite a long time for a teacher training which offered me the best. The sporty background of Nadine, the small group size and the fact that new trainers learn how to arrange courses of their own, made the decision.

My expectations were very high and were exceeded!

The training contents were given to me in a good and professional mix of theory and practice. The given materials are perfect as one get the book “Aerial Passion Trainerguide” next to several other materials. The training contents basics for anatomy and the knowledge of explaining tricks and spins as well as how to deal with the responsibility as a trainer.

We learned how to get along with different kinds of participants and how to create courses. I have the opinion that my personality as a trainer was respected. This combination inspires me the most. Nadine is very consistent, nevertheless lovely and sympathetic. She taught with passion, gave attention to every detail, offered tricks and tips. I was totally satisfied with the training. Since I finished the training I work with this concept and love it. My course design and my perception as a coach have been changed in a very positive way.

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