International Pole Dance Fitness Association Instructor Training.

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The IDPFA Instructor training is a PDC Approved pole dance teacher training course. The approved course application was supported by 2 references from PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructors Stefania Roberto and Cindy Cooijmans

The IPDFA offers in depth training either online or in house. There are various levels of training to suit the requirements of each pole instructor.

PDC AAP Members and Instructors get 15% off this course. Just e-mail us for your course discount codes.

Stefania Roberto said "This is a highly comprehensive and complete course created by the IPDFA, one of the longest standing and recognised pole associations in the world. The IPDFA also run IPC one of the original pole competitions.

The IPDFA instructor training demonstrates a high focus on health and safety aspects as well as 1-2-1 support for the IPDFA Pole Instructor Trainingcontinuing growth of the instructor through an assigned Master Tutor.The IPDFA instructor training is endorsed by many fitness assocations.

The IPDFA instructor training offers both online and in house training options in various locations worldwide and it also offers Spanish as well as English courses."

Cindy Cooijmanns said "IPDFA Pole Pro is a very complete, self study, online course for all levels. You can learn in your own pace. Every level is clearly explained and has a lot of background information that is relevant to teaching Pole. You will receive detailed feedback after sending in your homework, which will improve your skills later on."

IPDFA accredited instructors successfully teach across the board from multi-national gymnasiums (such as Fitness First,
Celebrity Fitness, California Fitness and PURE  Fitness, multipurpose venues (dance and sport venues) and as part of group and personal training programs.

IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses automatically qualifies you into our instructor membership scheme, whereby IPDFA empower you to raise your profile and demand as a Pole Dance Fitness instructor. 

Become an Instructor - S t u d y   P a t h - Be your own boss!

IPDFA Pole Dance courseOnline study with IPDFA to gain qualifications in Pole Dance Fitness when you want and wherever you want.

Once you are eligible and have successfully enrolled into a course, it’s as simple
as 1, 2, 3


Begin your remote studies by reading online manuals and watching tutorial videos. When you are ready begin the next step.


Take your online Theory Exam. Achieve 80% to pass and move onto the next step. Complete your workbook
exercises.  Get feedback from your tutor on when you are ready for the next step.

Complete your practical pole dance fitness session plans and get approval from your course tutor. Record
a video of your 60 minute mock session and submit to your course tutor. Your course tutor will notify you of
your results within 60 days. If you PASS you will receive your Certificate.

IDPFA Instructor training

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