Pole Instructor Training from PDC Pioneer Elena Gibson.

Elena Gibson Pole Instructor training

PDC Approved Pole Instructor Training from one of the world's finest pole dancers. Elena Gibson has an impressive background in pole and is the first ever World Champion Pole Dancer.


 Elena Gibson - London Studios.

"I simply cannot express forcefully enough how lucky I was to receive such detailed and professional training" Maya Velvet, PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor.

Pole Dancing School Instructor training is available in English or Italian.

Pole Dancing School Instructor training is available in house or on-line. The training includes a 36 page manual accompanied by a mix of practical and written examinations. The course is broken down into several sections including the following:




  • Introduction to Pole Dancing
  • Teaching Methods
  • Class Structure
  • The Art of Teaching
  • Philosophy of Teaching and Learning
  • Defining Good and Bad Practice
  • Body Image
  • Health and Safety
  • Anatomy

Elena has extensive knowledge and received her two supporting references from course participants Wendy Elena Gibson Pole Dancing School InstructoSaunt and Maya Velvet. Both referees are PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructors.

Wendy said "Elena Gibson is a world-class pole dancer and a world-class teacher. She has exceptionally high standards in her own practise and in how she teaches. Specifically, students benefit from her international ballet background from learning about the importance of ‘lines’ to her disciplined approach to teaching pole. Elena is impeccable and being taught by her gives you an incredibly strong foundation in pole dancing and she is a great person to learn from and be taught in a technically correct and formal way."

Maya said "I completed my PDS teacher training with Elena Gibson way back in 2007, at the beginning of my career as a pole fitness instructor.  I simply cannot express forcefully enough how lucky I was to receive such detailed and professional training: it covered so many different aspects of the profession (anatomy, teaching methods, technique, safety, etc.).  It really prepared me extremely well to teach a safe, fun and efficiently organised pole fitness class."

Pole Dancing School Instructor Training involves many hours of homework to prepare yourself for a one hour written exam and 45 minute practical assessment.

Training costs just £375 with a 10% discount available to PDC Instructors and AAP members.

Contact Elena to request a course application form, discuss training requirements or book her to provide training in your studio.

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