PDC Approved Crazy Pole Instructor Training.

First German Instructor Education with international recognition

Crazy Pole Instructor Training
Pole Sport is characterized by a mixture of dance and acrobatics. Therefore the demands for trainers and instructors are high. At the moment the sport generates recognition (as well as a kind of sport as in the eyes of society), but the quality of training and trainers is difficult to estimate. Well educated trainers are very important.



Crazy Pole Instructor Training has now been approved by the Pole Dance Community. So CrazyPole offers the first German education for instructors of poles port, which conforms to international quality criteria.

Crazy Pole training is available from Beginner through to Advanced training.

Student Testimonial - Melissa Meilicke:
A truly beautiful studio. It was a honor for me to do the CrazyPole Instructor Training in this studio. I can say it was such a great, exciting and instructive week.
It really was fun to be trained by Nadine. Nadine has such a big open heart, really knows a lot and is a very special person. I appreciate the programm of CrazyPole! This programm lays its focus on the success of the students as well as on their safety! It really is a great concept! I'm really looking forward to teach with this concept!
Thumbs up for CrazyPole

Student Testimonial - Josefine Köhler:
I completed the Crazy Pole Instructor training and was amazed how many really important things are swept under the carpet for many other people who call themselves "trainer".
It was the first time for me to hear about really important safety cues and that safety for the students is so important.
Particularly issues such as health and safety are top priorities here. I am very happy to have participated in the training, because now I feel fit and well prepared for my girls and can open my studio with a good conscience. It's a good feeling to know what students really need, how to prevent them from injuries, how to prevent myself!
A special thank goes to our trainer Nadine Rebel who deserves the highest respect.
Unlimited knowledge of all precautions to be observed and the complete training concept, potential problems, satisfaction of customers, etc.
She knows everything
I am interested in further training at Crazy Pole!

Instructor Education and contents:
The concept of CrazyPole® distinguishes itself through years of practice. From past experience in dealing with exercising individuals, a concept was created and continually improved and refined, which indicates a high grade of teaching.

The instructor education was created for people who want to be active as a coach quite early. Till today it happened often that people decided to work as an instructor after many years of practicing themselves. CrazyPole divided the instructor education into two levels. CrazyPole offers an instructor education for the Beginner Level and the Advanced Level. A person who wants to become a trainer must have certain prerequisites which are requested in advance. After fulfilling the prerequisits the training starts with a 5-day schedule including theoretical base knowledgement as well as practicing. Educated instructors are also introduced to the course concept of CrazyPole. During these 5 days all participants have the opportunity to attend all courses offered by CrazyPole (courses take place in the evenings).

So participants could use these courses to deepen the content they learned through the day.

At the end of 5 days of learning participants have to pass a written and practical test.

Educated instructors also have to approve the Code of Conduct for instructors and coaches. This Code of Conduct contents security aspects as well as being a role-models for students and the sport in itself.

International RecognitionAlina Schmidt Pole Dancing Instructor

CrazyPolehas gone the way of the entire course concept documented meticulously in order to submit it to the PDC for review and approval.

After careful examination of the contents, but also the queries according to the international reputation of CrazyPol eandthe coaches who work there, CrazyPole instructor training was sanctioned by the PDC on December 2nd 2014.

The international recognition of coach education is another milestone in terms of provable quality of CrazyPole, after having their instructors approved by the PDC in autumn 2014.

CrazyPole Instructor Basic Education
part of the content

12 course concepts for one unit of a 90 minutes.
The role of a coach (role model desired behaviors, dealing with customers, Dos and Don'ts)
• What a customer wants (customer relationship management)
• How to build a classroom
• time management in the classroom
• dealing with their own bodies
• role models
• rhetoric and body language of a trainer
• occurrence of a trainer

and much more

Crazy Pole Master Trainer Alina Schmidt-Buttke pictured left.

CrazyPole Instructor Advanced (Intermediate) Education
12 course concepts for one unit of a 90 minutes (content see separate PDF file)

• Motivation through dance (The dance-coach as role model)
• Dealing with different styles of music and expression
• Deepening of anatomical knowledge
• Additional methods for force structure for sophisticated tricks
• Overloading and improper posture and avoid recognizing
• skills of the participants correctly assess
• Correct Invert
• Proper support (protect the spine, the customer does not want to wear)
• and much more

Who can become an instructor?

To become an instructor one has to show that he or she is able to do several spins and moves him- or herself.Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Instructor

People have to send videos before being accepted of attending the instructor training.

Here you find several spins and tricks out of the list. This ist not the entire list of prerequisits.

Prerequsits are for the Beginner-Level (for example)

  • Fireman spin

  • Chair Spin

  • Stag Spin

  • Front Hook Spin

  • Back Hook Spin

  • Hook and Roll / Sidespin

  • Boomerang Hold / Hold forearm

  • Basic Climb

  • Pole Seat

  • Crucifix

Crazy Pole Master Trainer Nadine Rebel pictured right.

Prerequisites for the Intermediate level (for example)

  • Fireman Legs Extended
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Cross Leg Release
  • Cross Ankle Release
  • Shouldermount
  • Reverse Spin
  • Side Spin Hold/Jasmine
  • Ballerina
  • Basic Invert
  • Inside Leg Hang
  • Outside Leg Hang
  • Fireman Crossleg Climb
  • Side Spin One Handed
  • Spinning Pencil
  • Butterfly
  • Cupid
  • Side Climb
  • Inverted Cruzifix One Legged
  • Peter Pan
  • Diva Seat
  • Drama Queen
  • Half Flag
  • Helicopter
  • Hip Jackknife
  • Lean Back Pillar
  • Handstand (on the pole)
  • Elbow Stand

and for the Advanced level (for example – in addition to the beginner level)

Shoulder Roll
• Cross Ankle Release
• shouldermount
• Reverse Spin
• Jasmine
• Ballerina
• Inside Leg Hang
• Outside Leg Hang
• Spinning Pencil
• Butterfly
• Cupid
• Hip Jackknife

Who provde the training?

Participants are being educated either by Nadine Rebel (director of CrazyPole Augsburg and author of the book “Poledance Passion”) or by Alina Schmidt-Buttke (founder of CrazyPole and German Pole Dance Champion 2011/2012.

The training is taking place either in Erfurt (CrazyPole) or in Augsburg (CrazyPole Augsburg)


Crazy Pole Instructor Training.

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