Southampton Aerial Arts School Teacher training.

teacher training
PDC Approved 4 star instructors Julie Burns and Zorena Roe run an in-house teacher training programme that has been approved by the Pole Dance Community.

Julie is a member of the Fitness Industry Association, National Association of Dance, Pole Dance Community and Street Dance International.

Julie offers training in Southampton UK.

Julies original application for course approval was supported by two of our PDC Approved 3 star instructors who had both successfully completed the course.

Zorena Roe, who started with Julia as student and successfully completed the course before joining the SAAS team as an instructor, said "Julie’s Dance Pole Instructor’s Course is a comprehensive training course designed to provide instructors with the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach beginner to mid-intermediate level pole. The course covers safety aspects such as the erection and cleaning of poles, injury prevention, spotting techniques and disclaimer forms. The course also covers lesson structure and planning, warming up, stretching and cooling down with pictures and descriptions. It also covers strength training and conditioning, along with the “tricks” themselves.

In the theory examination, participants will be asked questions on all elements in the course, and in the practical exam, they will have to show a variety of stretching, limbering and strength training exercises, spins and inverts. The final part of the exam is teaching practice observation, throughout the course in-house teaching practice, alongside the course leader, is undertaken, where participants take full responsibility for a small part of the class, such as the warm up, then they assist the head instructor for the rest of the class. This is observed and contributes to their exam.

After completing this course I felt I had a good, solid base of knowledge and skills, and I felt able to teach pole fitness with confidence."

Chantell Boggins said "I feel that Julie’s course should be approved as I am now a confident instructor.
I can show competence in all health and safety aspects within a pole class including:
The correct procedure following manufacturer’s of the erection and cleaning of the pole.
Good understanding and knowledge of safety within a pole fitness class,
Good knowledge and understanding of injury prevention
Good knowledge and understanding the importance of warm up and cool down
Good knowledge and understanding of basic moves and the importance of progressions.
The correct procedure to follow in case of all emergencies, first aid, fire evacuation etc.

I feel Julie’s course made me understand how Pole fitness meets all the health benefits including Toning,
Weight loss, Confidence building, Core strength, Flexibility and Posture and poise. Julie has always shown me the importance of allowing students to progress individually but with the correct progressions and spotting techniques."

To find out more about SAAS Instructor Training simply e-mail Julie.

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