The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme.

thepolestudiologowebWe have been an internationally endorsed instructor training provider since 2011.


pole studio teacher trainingAt The Pole Studio, we recognise that instructional quality is a primary factor in inspiring and retaining participants. By joining our instructor training programme you will benefit from our 15 years experience in the pole fitness industry. The goal of our instructor training programmes is to help you succeed in pole fitness teaching and make it a rewarding career for you. To become certified, you need to show that you are knowledgeable, as well as proficient in a variety of pole skills. We guarantee that we will guide you to help you achieve this. 

The one size fits all approach to group fitness is long gone. When you attend our pole fitness instructor training course you will learn how to motivate participants using proper technique and safe instruction in a fun and friendly group class setting. In today's increasingly more fitness driven population, instructors must have the skill set to lead participants with varying levels of ability. During our courses you will learn how to work with different body types, and adapt pole fitness exercises on and around the pole to suit a range of levels.

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We currently offer the following endorsed pole fitness instructor training courses.

pole studio instructor training beginner
The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme

2-Day face to face training £399.

pole studio instructor training intermediate
The Pole Studio Intermediate Level Instructor Training Programme

2-Day face to face training £399.

pole studio instructor training advanced
The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme

1-Day face to face training £299.

Online courses are also available.

Learning Outcomes of The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme

Understand the origins of pole fitness. You will gain a thorough understanding of where pole fitness comes from including traditional styles of pole such as Chinese Pole and how pole fitness reached the mainstream.pole studio approved teacher training

Learn health and safety in all aspects of pole fitness teaching. From various contraindications your students may have, such as musculoskeletal injuries and heart problems, to learning all about safety checks of the equipment and the studio.

You will learn how to deliver a pole fitness class from the very beginning when you walk into the studio, to the very end when you wave goodbye to a happy class. You will learn how to carry out a risk assessment, deliver a professional welcome, an effective warm-up, the main body of the class and an effective cool down with a variety of stretches.

Learn and practise an extensive pole fitness syllabus. The syllabus includes gripping positions, conditioning exercises, spins, transitions and tricks on the pole. All moves are relevant to the level of the instructor training course you attend. You will learn how to teach these moves in a variety of ways, as well as, how to progress and regress them for the varying levels in your class.

Each level of our instructor training courses consists of over thirty pole movements and exercises. We provide online videos, detailed course manuals and thorough in house training to ensure you master each movement.

Additional modules included in the Intermediate and Advanced Level Instructor Training Programmes are as follows:

Extra flexibility training and methods of stretching.
The importance of cardiovascular exercise.
Spotting for high-level pole moves.

Please contact if you'd like to see a detailed overview of the course content.

The final assessments for each of our courses are subdivided into three parts:

Final Multiple-Choice Test
Written Class Plans
Practical Assessments, including skills testing and delivering a class.

Our Accreditation providers

Pole Dance Community
The Pole Dance Community (PDC) is an advisory and awarding body for the pole dancing industry. The PDC was established in 2009 to help self-regulate the ever-growing pole fitness industry.


The national governing body for group exercise are dedicated to achieving their vision of a healthier nation through exercise. EMD UK work with instructors, operators and organisations across the sector to provide help, support and advice and to ensure that group exercise continues to inspire people of all ages and abilities to take part in physical activity.

polesafe trainsafe teachsafe
PoleSafe Federation
A collective of industry-respected instructors have created the #trainsafe #polesafe #teachsafe campaign. The entire industry needs to work hard to keep itself safe and keep the risk of injuries to students and instructors to the minimum.

Pole Studio Instructor Training REPSSA
Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa (REPSSA )

REPSSA is the official body in South Africa to manage fitness qualifications, expertise and conduct of exercise professionals recognised internationally.

Prerequisites of Joining Our Courses:
It takes approximately three months for healthy individuals to safely learn beginner level pole fitness techniques. Before commencing The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme you will need to be at a beginner to intermediate standard on the pole and be able to perform all beginner level moves on both sides.pole studio approved course

We recommend gaining 6-12 months teaching experience, having completed The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme, before commencing The Pole Studio Intermediate Level Instructor Training Programme. To start training to be an intermediate level instructor you should be able to perform intermediate level pole moves, on both sides, including tricks, spins and conditioning exercises.

Following from passing The Pole Studio Intermediate Level Instructor Programme with us, we recommend that you teach intermediate level classes for 6-12 months before embarking on The Pole Studio Advanced Level Instructor Training Programme. To start training to be an advanced level instructor you should be able to perform advanced level pole moves on both sides, including tricks, spins and conditioning exercises.

Course Trainers:

Tracey started training in Pole Fitness in 2005. She has performed and competed internationally throughout her career. Tracey was the Arnold Classic Africa Pole Champion in 2016. She was also the International Pole Champion 2012 1st Runner Up in Pole Fitness, she was also a finalist in Pole Art 2012. Tracey won the second ever Miss Pole Dance UK. She continues to work internationally, hosting Beginner to Advanced Level workshops in pole fitness. In addition to pole fitness, she is a qualified Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer and Barre Concept instructor. Her key interests lie in representing and promoting pole fitness as a reputable, enjoyable and safe form of exercise. It is Tracey’s belief that all pole fitness classes should be led by a qualified, experienced, passionate and professional pole fitness instructor. By introducing this qualification to South Africa Tracey hopes to make a positive impact upon the pole fitness industry.


Charmaine started lessons with The Pole Studio as a way of motivating herself to get fit and toned. From her first lesson, Charmaine found an instant passion for pole fitness and loves how the sport has not only increased her fitness, but has made her stronger and more flexible.
After progressing through The Pole Studio levels, Charmaine continues to enjoy the art of pole as it evolves. Charmaine’s teaching style demonstrates her enthusiasm and she supports her students in achieving their own personal goals.
Charmaine is a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and a Pole Studio Fitness Instructor at Advanced Level, she is fully insured and First Aid certified.

For more information or to book a place on a Pole Studio course just e-mail Sarah Brown.

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