The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme.

Pole Studio Instructor Training Workbook


The Pole Studio has three PDC Approved, internationally recognised certifications in pole dance fitness instruction – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Pole Studio Instructor – Beginner IN HOUSE TRAINING

Brief Overview:

The history of pole and pole fitness
Fitness, Pole Fitness and Functional Training
Key gripping positions used in Beginner Level pole moves
100 Beginner Level techniques and teaching points
40 spins and transitional moves
Learn how to warm up, cool down and the theory behind it
Conditioning exercises developed for pole fitness to improve technique and prevent injury
Health and safety for Beginner Level pole fitness
Anatomy of pole fitness and key muscles used
How to choreograph routines for Beginner Level class plans
Set Routines from The Pole Studio/Tracey Simmonds
Insurance, Legal Issues & Music License requirements

Detailed Course Overview:
The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme has been running successfully in the United Kingdom and South Africa since 2011. The programme has undergone many transformations to keep up with current pole fitness techniques and trends. Originally the course was only available as a face to face, weekend course. Later it was developed into a successful distance training programme. Our face to face weekend courses still operate in the UK.Pole Studio Instructor Training Students

The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme attracts first timers in pole fitness, who are interested in starting a new career, as well as current fitness professionals, looking to gain another fitness certification. All of The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programmes have been specifically created to equip instructors with the knowledge and skills to become competent, safe and unique professionals within pole fitness. The skills and teaching methods that students develop during our courses are transferable skills that can be applied to all levels of pole fitness instruction. This means that instructors trained by us will stay motivated and have unlimited potential in terms of planning new and challenging classes each day for their own students.

Pole Studio Instructor – Beginner IN HOUSE TRAINING
This is a 3 day pole dance fitness instructor programme and you will assessed by a final practical assessment as well as a written test.
You will be required to study the instructor training workbook and online videos prior to commencing the course. There is also homework to do during the course.

Pole Studio Instructor Training REPsPole Studio Instructor Training REPSSAPole Studio Instructor Training Skills Active


Before commencing the instructor training programme you will need to have basic knowledge of pole dance fitness. If you are not already at a pole dance fitness school you will first need to: (a) book private sessions or attend a Level 1 and Level 2 course at The Pole Studio; (b) attend pole dance fitness classes in beginner level or: (c) study and practice with instructional pole dance DVDs. You need to be competent in beginner level moves and spins. Three months work on beginners level pole dance fitness is recommended as a minimum requirement.
It is highly recommended, although not essential that you study for an additional fitness qualification that will give you increased knowledge and understanding of the human body and exercise.
Although it is not a prerequisite of attending the instructor training programme, if you are REPs (register of exercise professionals) registered, you will achieve 16 REPs points as part of your continued professional development. To join REPs you will need to take an entry-level fitness qualification such as ‘Exercise to Music’. Remember to make sure the course you take is endorsed by REPs.
In addition to being endorsed by REPs, The Pole Studio’s instructor training programme has been accredited by SkillsActive. SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for Active Leisure and Learning.

Pole Studio Instructor Training TraceyThe Pole Studio’s Trainers:
The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programme will be taught by Sarah and her team of fully qualified trainers. All exams are assessed by The Pole Studio founder Sarah Brown.
The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programmeve has been written by The Pole Studio South Africa’s owner, Tracey Simmonds.  She has performed and competed internationally throughout her career, most notably winning the second ever Miss Pole Dance UK in 2006. She continues to work in the UK, Europe and South Africa hosting beginner to advanced level workshops in pole dance fitness. She is a qualified and insured REPs registered Exercise to Music Instructor.  Her key interests lie in representing and promoting pole dance fitness as a reputable, enjoyable and safe form of exercise.  It is Tracey’s belief that all pole dance fitness classes should be led by a qualified, experienced and professional pole dance fitness instructor in order for this industry to gain more respect.  By introducing this qualification Tracey hopes to make a positive impact upon the pole fitness industry

How much does The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programme for Beginners cost?

The Pole Studio Instructor - Intermediate and Advanced IN HOUSE TRAINING:
Through successful completion of these TWO separate courses you will gain internationally recognised qualifications in pole dance fitness instruction for intermediate and advanced levels.
Each programme will be assessed by a final practical assessment as well as a written test.
You will be required to study the instructor training workbooks and online videos prior to commencing the courses. There is also homework to do during the coursesPole Studio Instructor Training Tracey

Before commencing The Pole Studio Instructor Intermediate or Advanced Training, you will need to have completed The Pole Studio’s Instructor Beginner Training or received an equivalent pole instructor qualification or certification.
If you have done beginner’s pole fitness instructor training with another school, you must have completed a REPS entry-level course such as Gym Instructor or Exercise to Music. This is to achieve the base knowledge of anatomy and physiology and exercise instruction that is required to become a qualified pole fitness instructor.
To become competent in intermediate and advanced pole moves and combinations, it is highly recommended that you attend The Pole Studio’s courses in Levels 3 and 4. However, you may achieve competency in the equivalent levels at another studio.

What is included in The Pole Studio’s Intermediate and Advanced Instructor Training Programmes?
· 3-day course for Intermediate, 2-day course for Advanced
· 16 REPS points each
· Spotting, Health & Safety when teaching advanced level pole moves
· Extra information on Cardiovascular fitness
· Extra information on stretching for increased flexibility
· Learn how to teach and create original sequences
· Assessed by written and practical assessments
· Pre-requisites apply

How much does The Pole Studio’s Intermediate Instructor Training Programme cost?

How much does The Pole Studio’s Advanced Instructor Training Programme cost?

For more information or to book a place on a Pole Studio course just e-mail Sarah Brown.

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