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Jolene began pole dancing back in January 2003 when classes were very much few and far between.  In fact, she was also the only student in her first classes, not going on to work in the strip clubs, focussing instead on the fun and fitness aspects of using the Pole.

Although Jolene didn’t have a dance background from childhood, she used to run club-nights under the ‘Redtrip’ label, and began initially using her skills on the pole with existing gigs as a Podium Dancer at various nightclubs around London.  It wasn’t long before finding that, without the pole, she was restricted with what she could do on stage.

Whilst working a full-time office job, Jolene was also teaching part time for another pole company.  However, after around 18 months, she became increasingly despondent with their lack of training, lack of support, high class numbers, and low pay.  So in July 2006, she set up her first pole venue in Twickenham (a location that’s still in use by Purity to this day), taking on a second venue just a few months later, and being regularly called to perform at various clubs and events around the UK, and internationally.

Jolene has also competed in, performed in, and judged various pole competitions around the UK throughout the years.  Appearing on TV and radio, and being asked to work with various ‘celebrity’ and high profile clients for private training.

On taking on her third venue, Jolene left working for others to work full-time on Pole classes: Establishing a name for herself in being accessible to all levels, and in her skill for breaking down complex moves for her students. now regularly has new students coming to Purity who have spent months trying to get a move elsewhere, but through subtle alterations and clear instruction, are able to nail a complex move in just one or two tries.


Jolene - pole dance


Something which also sets Jolene’s classes apart is the regularity with which they run:  Rather than merely running a series of short courses every couple of months, Jolene restructured her whole training program, and has arranged over 2 years of classes at the intermediate level, with students coming back week after week to progress (in fact, she still has some students from her very first class working with her).  She also runs beginner classes, advanced classes, and of course parties for various functions and events.  In the near future, you will also see more from what Purity has available to offer.

The Purity classes continue to go from strength to strength, with waiting lists at most of her venues across the South East.  Jolene currently three teachers working with her at various locations, and a further three new teachers in training to take on new venues later this year.  Her passion is for doing things the best way she knows how, and spending hours per day researching and developing new ways to make her classes as good as they can be.

I was fortunate enough to properly meet Jolene in July 2007 through my early work on the pole, during which time Jolene has helped me progress to become a professional pole dance performer and a member of Equity. I might still be a little biased though, as we’re due to be getting married later this year J

This article was written by pole performer, Jason of

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