Sustainable Pole Dancing ProjectEco Pole Dance Project - Featured Dancer Julianna Yau

In 2021 we featured pole dancer Julianna Yau after she teamed up with Michal Hochberg to create a recycled xmas tree. Julianna has teamed up with Michal again to produce another stunning piece. We spoke to find out why she's revisited the project.


Eco Pole Dance ProjectWhat made you decide to team up with Michal again?

Michal is an amazingly talented upcycled artist and I’m honoured to collaborate with her again to raise environmental awareness in a creative way.

How long did the tree take to make?

The tree is made from slumped beer bottles in a kiln, a chicken wire and a donated old wood coffee table leg. The whole tree was assembled in a day but the whole process took 3 weeks.

Can the tree be recycled after use?

It can be recycled but since Michal specialises in upcycling, she will use it either as a platter, a Christmas ornament or wherever her imagination takes her.

Have you worked on any other environmental projects?

Michal and I have both worked on various environmental projects. Michal's upcycling brand is an environmental project in itself. Apart from reducing waste, she aims to educate people about the importance of small efforts that add up.

For me, I have partnered with different eco-organisations to spread the message by creating fun pole videos, such as promoting biodegradable eco-straws made of sugarcane, wheat and even edible pasta, and eco-shoes made of all-natural materials, like tree fiber, beans and algae.Eco Pole Dancing Project

What other tips do you have for helping to save the planet?

Buy less, by local, choose quality over quantity and reduce single use products.

How do you think the pole dancing industry can become more sustainable? 

We can buy more from brands that use sustainable fabric and minimal packaging. We can also reduce waste by repurposing old or unwanted polewear.

Do you think the COP27 summit will achieve the change we need?

We are always hoping for that but it is a long road and countries will have to work hand in hand to accomplish the goals together.


Aerial Dancer | Julianna Yau @julianna_pole
Upcycled Artist | Michal Hochberg
Photographer | Terry Wong @tw.portrait.foto
Sustainable Outfits | Just Fly Pole Wear @justfly.polewear
Studio | Studio Hollow @studiohollowhk


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