Mirela wolf pole dancing instructor
PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing Instructor Mirela Wolf qualified as an instructor with Spin City in 2021. She started pole dancing in 2015 and felt irrevocably hooked from the very first time. This was because she found that two of her greatest passions, sport and dance, combined gracefully in pole dancing.


Mirela wolf pole dancing instructorMirela's first instructors inspired her with their amazing teaching styles to pursue a goal of becoming part of this amazing community where learning is a fascinating never ending story.

Mirela's pole journey had many interruptions due to health issues and surgery, but the pull towards pole dancing always helped her find the way back. She travelled through many schools between Scotland and Italy and worked hard to complete the Beginner and Intermediate instructor qualifications with Spin City in 2021.

Mirela started teaching as a volunteer at the Heriot-Watt Pole Dancing Society in September 2021, and is passionate about inspiring her students, especially to dance. She loves creating and teaching choreography, and feels energised to watch her students grow. She also loves to perform on stage, and grabs any opportunity coming her way to do so.Mirela wolf pole dance teacher

For Mirela pole dancing has strengthened the relationship with her own body in an unprecedented way. The dance around the pole and the performance of moves on the pole (especially spinning pole) in a routine ignites a primal energy that surges through her body and brings her to her centre. 

Mirela loves nature and participates in nature conservation projects. Sometimes pole training can work great outdoors with the right circumstances. She lives with her dog in a lovely village near Edinburgh surrounded by nature.

Mirela is also passionate about women's rights, and more so, about women getting back in touch with themselves, with their bodies and with their natural rhythms. For her pole dancing facilitated a return to instinct. She finds pole dancing & fitness extremely empowering, and wishes to inspire this path in others.

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