Pole dance grading scoresheet assessment

We have a brand new pole dance grading sheet.........

Pole dance grading scoresheet assessmentThanks to feedback from graded students we realised that the routine section of a grading did not earn nearly as many points as the moves in isolation section. We know that creating a routine is hard work and takes hours of practice and choreography. Our wonderful team of online grading assessors have rejigged the grading sheet taking on board all the recent feedback from aap pole dancer members.

Online grading assessor April Krijger said "Regarding the grading sheet. I feel this has really balanced out things out a lot more and gives representation to how much effort goes into putting a routine together. Personally I have sat four gradings and really enjoyed the process. It has definitely helped me develop my skills technically and only served to build and strengthen stamina. I highly recommend anyone thinking of giving it a go to embrace the challenge."

We have not made the grading process easier and it is still incredibly hard to pass with a distinction score. Just passing is a great achievement in itself. We want our pole dancing members to be able to do more than just bash out tricks, we want them to be able to choreograph beautiful, amazing routines that flow effortlessly. For that reason we have added more weighting to the routine section of a grading and added a new category for 'execution'.Pole dance grading exam scoresheet

Check out some of our successfully graded dancers and watch some of their wonderful routines online.

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