PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing Instructor Lena Evans.

Lena Evans pole fitness instructor
Lena Evans is the owner of Pink Ladies Pole and Aerial Fitness in Colchester, UK. Lena received her two 4 star references from PDC Approved Instructors Andrew Knox and Rachel Perera.

Lena Evans pole fitness instructorRachel said "Lena is a passionate instructor and owner of pink ladies. She has greatly contributed to the pole and aerial industry by promoting inclusivity across her classes and creating opportunities for her instructors and students to perform at showcases.
Her classes are fun, structured and informative.
Pink ladies is a positive place to be both as a student and an instructor and this is down to Lena’s attitudes and beliefs. She is supportive and encouraging. Always helping us to achieve our full potential.
I am proud to be part of her team and under her guidance, delivering excellence when it comes to her pole and aerial classes."

Andrew said "Lena Evans, Proprietor and principal instructor at Pink Ladies. Longest running pole studio in Essex and east Anglia. Always has been a keen promoter of pole and aerial arts. One of the first to accept male pole dancers into the group pole classes. First in the area to have 14’ dedicated permanent poles (static and spin). Able to support individuals from beginners, to those needing 121 help for pole routines and competitions or performance. Good at spotting, confident in her hands. Makes herself available outside classes too. Each year showcase performances, workshops and photoshoots."

Lena’s Pole Dance CV.Lena Evans pole instructor

Professional qualifications: 

Degree in Law
Masters degree in social care
Masters degree in autism 

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:

  1. PDC Approved 3 star instructor 2014-2021
  2. Teacher Trained by Gemma Dear Pink Ladies Pole Fitness. 
  3. Pole Passion’s Burlesque Passion Instructor Trained. 
  4. Power Plate Instructor Certification.
  6. XPERT Aerial Hoop teacher training 
  7. Safety course on spotting students with Donna Treadgold (nee Donna Gant). 
  8. First Aid Trained. 
  9. Safeguarding trained via social care.
  10. PDC Approved 4 star instructor 2021-present.

Lena Evans pink ladies pole fitnessMembership of Professional Bodies:

PDC Approved Instructor since 2014
PDC AAP Member and Pole Dance Grading Assessor since 2013

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended/Hosted:

Donna Gant
Michelle Stanek
Susie Q and Toby J Munson
Becca Butcher
Jess Leanne Norris
Daniel Rosen
Sarah Scott
Cheryl Teagan
Crystal Gibson
Andi Ariseanu Active Cherry
Odette Johnson
Shane Goodliman (pictured above)
Lorna Walker
Nadia Sharif 

Teaching History:Lena Evans Pink Ladies Pole Studio

I am the principal instructor and owner of Pink Ladies Pole Fitness in Essex, UK. I started pole fitness in 2009 as one of only two students in the first course run by Gemma Dear Pink Ladies founder. Fun fact, at only 16 my mother had to come and supervise my first course. I was instantly hooked, Gemma soon became my pole mumma, then in 2011 I began supporting as a teacher assistant and in 2012 I began teaching with her as a certified PDC level 3 instructor. In 2015 we became business partners and rented our first studio space. The studio was a large space with 3 x 14ft floor to ceiling poles, two r-poles and we began to add aerial equipment such as hoops, silks and sky pole. Sadly Gemma lost her battle with cancer on July 13th 2017 after putting up a very brave fight. She then gifted me the studio. In 2018 pink ladies took another blow as we got the news the studio was being demolished. After some sole searching and a lot of support from pink ladies instructors, I restarted classes at empress studios where we are today. I have taught in colchester, Haverhill and Sudbury. I currently have 50/60 students attending pink ladies, over 6 classes a week. 

Lena Evans pole dancing studentsStudent's pole dancing success:

Several of my students have gone on to compete and place in their competitions. Including pole2pole, miss and mr Essex pole dance, and some more local competitions. Pink ladies also has several competitors in dance filthy this year. 

Other successes includes students building up confidence to do photo shoots and master classes. I love seeing them grow from new pole babies walking into there first class in leggings, to fierce pole divas in amazing outfits either having a shoot or trying some amazing new trick. 

I have a particular student with Pulmonary Hypertension, she is a wonderful lady who found that although she couldn’t workout in a normal sense such as running, gym, so on with regular breaks and support she could manage pole fitness. A particular achievement was when she received some very positive news from her specialist doctor that her condition had improved and she told me she put that down to pole classes. She has moved out of the area now but continues pole fitness. She has given me permission to share her published poem, written while still a student. https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/my-story/poetry-corner/tess-dunn

Continuing Professional Development:Lena Evans pole dancer

I have just completed my up to date first aid training, and do annual online training refresher courses.
I have also booked a photoshoot with Helen Knox in September and a masterclass for November time with Vanessa Bagge.
Pink ladies has also began lolipop classes, in which I am enjoying exploring a new piece of equipment. 

Industry Contribution

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

I promote pole dancing on my website, and other social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram. I use social media to post many video's of students and instructors pole performances and weekly achievement. 

I have been in news articles and held public events to promote pole fitness, including fund raising events and a memorial event for Gemma dear at our local art centre. 

I attend many Pole dancing events to show my support and promote pole dancing as much as possible.

For the last 4 years (prior to Covid) we have worked with Colchester pride, taking a pole stage and aerial rig to their events and encouraging LGBTQ community to try our classes. Pink ladies instructors have also performed in the evening showcases. 

Pink ladies also hold annual showcases for our students and instructors to show their skills and progressions. 

Pink ladies also take part in our local fitnessfest where all different fitness & dance instructors come together and donate their time to raise money for charity. 

Lena Evans pole dance teacherCharity Events:

I helped to organise and promote a charity events as much as possible. My first larger charity event was supporting 'Strong bones children charity' held at Liquid Night club in Colchester on 6th March 2012, including a full showcase. 

We also held a pole marathon on 4th February 2017, where myself and other members of pink ladies continuously poles danced in a relay for 24 hours to raised money for a prostatic leg for Gemma Dear post operation in hopes to get her to return to pole as quickly as possible. 

We also donate money to a chosen charity with proceeds from our annual showcases. This year we will be fund raising for “dogs trust” as this was the preferred charity of a beloved pole student who passed away recently. 

Myself and several pole students also enter many local race for life events as a team in our uniforms to raise money and awareness of pole. 

Media Attention:

The 'Colchester Gazette' wrote about Becca Butcher coming to Colchester to teach a Lena Evans pole dancing masterclassMasterclass for us (17th January 2011) and again they came to take photo's and wrote another article when Becca Butcher was teaching the master-class. (9th February 2011). Heart Radio gave Pink Ladies Pole Fitness shout outs on the radio for sponsoring 'Strong Bones Children's Charity' in March 2012 and the gazette wrote an article. Both of which contained picture of myself pole dancing. 

Pink ladies was contacted by channel 4, as they were documentary on discrimination and the stigma against people with Mental health problems. They asked if they could film us teaching a Burlesque lesson, we were filmed on Wednesday 20th July. The documentary was shown at the end of July 2012. 

Since 2013 we have mostly used social media platforms to promote pink ladies. 

In 2017, I also did pole dancing in a music video for a local band. 

 AAP Membership Involvement:

I look forward to promoting the PDC as much as possible, currently we promote on all social media platforms and website. I have undertaken a siccessful level 4 grading. I have also completed gradings for PDC members Andrew Knox, Jennie Hiller and Hannah Seaward. 

Lena Evans pole dancing instructorCompetition Achievements:

I myself do not compete as this was not why I began pole fitness, however I completely support any student or instructor representing pink ladies in competitions in any way I can. Several of my instructors/students are now beginning to show more and more interest in pole competitions and I hope to support them in this, financially, practically and emotionally. We have already had some success in some local competitions as stated above. 

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

I love Pole and it gives me great pleasure to be able to teach others, helping students to gain confidence, keep fit and most of all to have fun and enjoying all aspects of pole. 

I recently had a break from pole fitness due to Covid and being pregnant, I decided it was best to focus on my baby while the studio remained shut. Now we are open again I have a new lease of life and love for pole and am working hard to regain my strength and stamina; while also working hard to rebuild pink ladies as a company. 

My goals for the near future for pink ladies:

To do a 6 weekly newspaper to discuss important topics for students and instructors, such as taking a break from pole, changes to Lena Evans pole dancing studioyour body after birth, eating disorders, mental health, long term illness, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter and other very important topics. Also to celebrate student and instructors successes some named above, I think it’s so important we build each other up and that pole is not just good physically but also for mental well-being. These will be written by instructors or pole students with first hand experience and the effect pole has had for them. 

I have just commissioned a professional piece in relation to LGBTQ and inclusivity from Colchester pride, to celebrate pride month. 

Short term goal for me personally is to regain my strength pre-baby and also to apply for level 4 teacher status. 

To hold our annual showcase and make it the biggest and best yet.

A longer term goal is to return to owning my own studio space once again, when the time is right.

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