PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Alexandra Danielle

Alexandra danielle pole instructor

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Alexandra Danielle teaches at Studio Aeris in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Alexandra also runs PDC Approved Pole Instructor Training.

Alexandra danielle pole instructor training netherlandsAlexandra received her two references from fellow 4 star instructors Cindy Cooijmanns and Hanka Venselaar.

Cindy said "Alexandra is very ambitious and innovative in her Pole activities. Alexandra is always busy organizing workshops, trainings and creating new classes for her studio.

Alexandra has a very positive attitude and is always prepared to learn, she takes feedback very well. She will ask people around her for advice if she thinks she needs it.
She has a good sense of humour and is nice to be around."

Hanka said "I support Alexandra’s application because not only is she a very knowledgeable teacher with years of experience, she also cares about good education and instruction for other teachers. During classes she focusses on correct technique and form. She breaks down the moves, spots where necessary, and, most of all, makes sure that everyone feels safe during a class. Additionally, she worked passionately on a pole trainer instruction course which provides and extensive anatomical and physiological background for new pole instructors besides the standard techniques.

With that background plus here many years as a trainer, teacher, performer, and studio-owner, I can truly say that Alexandra deserves to be a 4-star instructor."

Alexandra Danielle's CV

Education & TrainingAlexandra danielle pole instructor training

Professional Qualifications:

Paaldans Instructrice (pole dance instructor) - Paaldans Academy NL Fitness Trainer - AALO
Movement Based Athletics Spine Mobility - MBA Academy
Anatomy, physiology & biomechanics - IPSF Personal Trainer Flexibilty Pro - Fysio Physics
Opfriscursus Paaldans Instructeur (refresher course Pole Instructor) - Cindy Cooijmans
Pole Instructor Foundations - Pole Instructor Training

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Commissie Kwaliteit & Veiligheid Paalsport Bond (commission Quality & Safety from the Dutch
Pole Sport Federation)
Pole Dance Community - 4 star approved instructor.

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:

Alex Shchukin
Amy Hazel
Anastasia Skukhtorova
Bendy Kate
Caterina Gennaro
Cleo the Hurricane
Crystal Belcher
Doris Arnold
Hanka Venselaar
Isaac Pena
Jenyne Butterfly
Josh Taylor
Josiah ‘BadAzz’ Grant
Kenneth Kao
Kyra Johannesen
Laurence Hilsum
Magnus Labbe Marco Oranje
Marion Crampe
Marlo Fisken
Michelle Stanek
Nadia Sharif
Natasha Wang
Phoenix Kazree
Rafaela Montanaro
Rajesh Mudki
Sergia Louise Anderson
Steven Retchless
Suzie Q. & Toby J
Vladimir Karachunov
Yuri Marmerstein
Yvonne Smink
Zoraya Judd (and more).

Alexandra danielle pole dancerTeaching History:
I started teaching in 2008, after a few years of pole dance training (2004). At first workshops only, but I quickly did the teacher training and started teaching beginner classes.

In 2012 I founded my own studio in Utrecht; Studio Aeris. This has been my fulltime job ever since.

Student's pole dancing success:

I coached Monica van Beek (2016, 1st place 50+) and Eva & Esther (2018, 2nd place Doubles)
for the IPSF Dutch Championships. Personally I care more about the victories my students have in class. (editor's note - excellent response)

Continuing Professional Development:

Alexandra danielle pole dancing performerAt the moment I am developing more knowledge working together with professionals from both outside and within the industry in order to built a high quality instructor education. After covid and giving birth I will continue doing courses/trainings etc. that are interesting.

Industry Contribution

Competition Achievements:

Benelux Championships 2012 (silver) Dutch Championships 2013 (bronze) European Championships 2013
International Dutch Pole Art Championship Professional category 2015
Pole Art competition 2019

Professional Pole Appearances:

Workshops at WOW classes Istanbul

Judging Involvement:
Pole Fit competition 2018
Pole Passion 2019
Pole Passion 2020
Exotic Art Competition 2021

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

At the moment my main goal, besides teaching the best classes I can, is keep building the platform (Pole Instructor Training) that will help develop the (Dutch) pole industry.

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