PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Hanka Venselaar.

Hanka venselaar pole dancing teacher
PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Hanka Venselaar teaches at Studio Ad Astra in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Hanka is also the the head trainer for student poledance association NPSV Lasya.


Hanka venselaar pole dancing teacherHanka received her 2 reference from fellow 4 star instructors Cindy Cooijmanns and Alexandra Danielle.

Cindy Cooijmanns said "It does not matter if it’s Pole or Aerials, I don’t think there is anything Hanka can’t do! Her drive and determination are unique. Hanka developed her own style, which is very recognizable. She is well known for her dynamic crazy combinations and endurance on the Pole.

With a background in Gymnastics she is willing to try (and masters) everything new she sees; lollypop, cube, aerial silks, trapeze, you name it she has tried it.

She is always willing to help others and will do anything to help the art and sport of Pole grow.

Her teaching skills are very detailed, as a professor she knows how to make others understand what is expected from them, as a former gymnast she knows how the human body works. She brings out the best in people."

Alexandra Danielle said "Hanka has been pole dancing and teaching around the world for many years. She has an extensive knowledge about moves, how they work, how to assist with them and what to pay attention to.

She has created her own unique style that people have come to recognize and love. She has an absolute passion for teaching. I have experienced her to be a great instructor for every pole dancer, whether beginner or pro."

Hanka Venselaar's CVHanka venselaar pole dancing performer

Education & Training

Professional Qualifications:

Master Molecular Life Sciences – Radboud University (2006) PhD Medical Sciences – Bioinformatics (2012)
Assistant Professor Structural Bioinformatics (2019)

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:

Pole Dance Instructor Course, beginner to advanced, endorsed by NPF (2007-2009) OC Polefitness International polefitness-instructor certification (2011)
First aid course (2014)
Xpert Teacher training level 1&2 (2016)
Teacher Refresher course by Cindy Cooijmans (2018) Bendy Kate Advanced Stretching Course (2020)

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:

Hanka venselaar pole dancing photoSince I started pole in 2006 I have had the honour to attend many classes with the following polestars:
KT Coates, Sally-Ann Giles, Jeanine Wilkerling, Pantera, Lu Nagata, Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Amber Ray, Alethea Austin, Amber Richard, Josiah Grant, Becca Butcher, Marion Crampe, Prana Ovide-Etienne, Rafaela Montanaro, Rebecca Star, Natasha Wang, Anastasia Skukthorova, Cleo, Rafaela Montanaro, Bendy Kate, Estee Zakar, Lolo Hilsum, Karol Helms, Michelle Stanek, Danielle Romano, Marlo Fisken, Kyra Johanssen, Oona Kivela, Veronica Solimano, Nadia Sharif, Phoenix Kazree, Justine McLucas, Sam Star, Kenneth Kao, Lisette Krol, Kira Noire, Evgeny Greshilov, Margarita Evans, Mary Kolacinski, Anna Carvalho, Saulo Saurmiento, Amy Hazel, Leigh Ann Riley, David Owen, Flying Laura, Sergia Louise Anderson, Kristy Sellars, Natalia Tatarintseva, Crystal Gibson, Alex Schuckin, Vane Lunatica, Sarah Scott, Lisette Krol, Shaina Cruea, Terri Fierce, Dmitry Politov, Yonne Smink, Daniel Rosen,Vane Lunatica, Andrea Ryff, Anna-Maija Neyman, Lou Landers, Nicolas Casanova, Olena Minima.

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:

Justine McLucas
Cindy Cooijmans

Teaching History:
Hanka venselaar pole dancing instructorI have been teaching pole since 2006. What started out as simple group classes for a studio changed into travelling all over the world to compete, perform and teach. I have had the chance to teach in 5 continents and many different countries such as UK, France, Spain, Germany, Chech Republic, Poland, Russia, Finland, US, Peru, Panama, Mexico, St Martin, Chile, Brasil, South- Africa, Japan, Singapore & Australia.

I have attended the International Pole Convention 3 time to teach my workshops, and have been invited to teach at polecamps such as St Martin Pole Camp, Ibiza polecamp, Weekend Warriors polecamp, Barcelona Pole & Yoga camp, Liepziger poletage, Mountain Polecamp, etc.

During my years as an instructor I changed studios and now I am the head trainer for student poledance association NPSV Lasya. I am supervising the instructor courses for these students, to make sure they can safely train at their own time too. I also had the chance to provide an instructor course for my new colleagues both at our own sports centre and other sport centres in the Netherlands.

Maybe interesting to add, I do not own my own studio since I have no interest in the managing tasks that would come with it, it would also be much more difficult to travel.

Hanka venselaar pole dancing aerialistStudent's pole dancing success:

I have had the chance to train national and international students, usually in private trainings sessions. These students have reached some (inter)national success including international titles and prizes (IPSF Nationals / Student Nationals/ Pole Art Greece/Pole Art Portugal). My students usually like to compete more locally within the country.

Continuing Professional Development:

My personal development is an ongoing process. I mainly learn as a teacher by trying new things for myself first to figure out what the important teaching points and progressions possibly could be. I hardly ever teach a move or combo I cannot do myself (or can clearly spot, such as extreme flexibility moves). Keeping my own trick and skills up to date is a large part of the professional development process. I also like to follow as many workshops and masterclasses as possible and I try to notice not only the explanation of skills but also the exercises during warming-up, progressions and variations, and the way that teacher interacts with the participants. I believe you can learn something from each class, albeit not always a trick.


I am currently trying to improve myself as a flexibility teacher as well by doing many different classes in different styles, besides the Advanced Stretching Course by Bendy Kate that I recently did.

Industry Contribution

Competition Achievements:Hanka venselaar pole dance trainer
(2008) Dutch Nationals Artistic Poledance (crowned champion)
(2008) Dutch Nationals PoleFitness, Amstelveen (2nd place)
(2009) Benelux Championships, Antwerpen (1st place)
(2009) Poledance international online competition (2nd place)
(2010) Benelux championships, Antwerpen (1st place)
(2010) PoleArt, Stockholm (Finalist)
(2010) Worlds poledance, Zürich (semi-finalist)
(2010) European Championships, Essex (UK) (1st place)
(2011) Aerial Pole International “Best Music Interpretation” and 2nd place
(2011) Benelux Championships, Antwerpen (1st place)
(2011) Miss Poledance Universe, Denver, USA (2nd place)
(2011) World Championships, BudaPest (3rd place+”Beste Poletricks”)
(2011) European Championships, Vught (1st place)
(2012) Finalist at Aerial Pole International, Bern
(2012) Finalist World Pole SportsChampionships, London (6th)
(2012) European Championships, Vught (1st place)
(2012) World PoleSports and Fitness Championships, Zurich (5th)
(2013) Bad Kitty Spins&Tricks Battle (winner Spins battle)
(2013) PoleArt & IPC (semi-finalist)
(2013) UKPPC 2013 (Finalist)
(2014) WorldCup Rio de Janeiro (2nd place)
(2014) PoleArt Cyprus (Finalist)
(2015) IPSF Dutch National Pole Championships (1st place)
(2015) Pole Theatre UK (2nd place)
(2015) IPSF World Championships (Finalist)
(2015) Pole Classic Las Vegas, (2nd place)
(2015) Dutch and International Pole Art (2nd and 1st place)
(2016) Finalist Pole Art Spain
(2017) PoleTheatre UK – Comedy category (1st place)
(2017) World Championships Artistic Pole (3rd place)
(2017) Aerial Movement Competition – Category Aerial Hoop (1st place)
(2017) Pole Art France (3rd place)
(2017) Pole Art Croatia (1st place)
(2017) Pole Theatre Worlds, Mallorca (2nd place comedy category)
(2017) Pole Art Spain (1st place)
(2018) International Pole Championships Brisbane, (Pole Fit title)
(2018) Pole Art France (finalist)
(2019) Aerial Art Hoop competition, Vlissingen (1st place)
(2020) PSO Amsterdam Championship level 5 (1st place)
(2021) PSO Aquarius online Edited video category (2nd place)
(2021) PSO Aries online Edited video category (1st place)
I have performed as a guest performer in many smaller and bigger events. Besides the normal gigs I will list here some examples of pole performances for a larger crowd or within the pole world community:
-Ame du Pole IrelandHanka venselaar pole dancer
-Essex poledance competition
-Pole Unity Londen,
-Multivox Jubilee show
-Fantastica Gymnastics Show
-World Championships Gymnastics
-HAN-anders event
-CEEQA –gala Warsaw
-Sports awards ceremony Assen
-Gravity First Mexico
-Pole Theatre Paris
-Singapore Pole Challenge
-Elisa-Jo showcase
-New Year;s show by Vocalchord
-Pole Dance show Poland
-PoleTheatre Scandinavia

-“Ik houd van Holland”
-“Rayman is laat”
- "Holland's Got Talent"

Hanka venselaar pole dance performerJudging Involvement:
(2009) Pole2pole wedstrijden Essex, UK (2010) Taylor’s Cup, London, UK
(2012) Beat Gravity Comptition, Eindhoven
(2012) Benelux Competition, Brussel
(2013) Clubkampioenschappen Sportief Paaldansen, Amsterdam
(2013) Pole4UNI student competition, London, UK (2014) Amateur Division WorldCup, Brazilië
(2014) Online Judge Paragon competition, LA (2014) Rock the Pole Showcase, Helsinki Finland (2014) PoleFusion Competition, Belgium
(2015) Polebattle Euro-league, Palma de Mallorca
(2016) Poletheatre France, Parijs (2016) Singapore Pole Challenge (2016) PoleArt Hungary
(2016) Belgian Pole Championships
(2016) Pole Art Greece
(2016) Pole Theatre World’s finals
(2016) PoleFusion Competition
(2017) Belgian poledance championship (2017) UKPPC, Telford UK (2018)Belgian Poledance championships (2018) PoleTheatre Scandinavia
(2018) Pole Art Portugal
(2018) Pure Performance Championships Johannesburg
(2019) Pole Dance Show Kielce, Poland
(2019) Belgium Pole Dance Championships


Mighty Grip

Publicity and media:

I have made the newspapers several times with my competition results. But the best articles are usually the result of a nice and unexpected collaboration such as with choir Multivox or music group KVA. Since poledance is such an unexpected act in these fields, the articles would usually mention this. Also, in preparation of the student nationals, our local newspaper did a large interview that made the front page.

Additional Information:

Hanka organises a show called Pole Evolution. Pole Evolution was a major showcase for all studios in the Netherlands. The first one was organized in 2015, then 2017 and 2019, all three events were sold out over 100 performers took part. Hanka said she wanted to organise a fun event in the Netherlands in which everyone could join without the stress of a competition. The showcase featured group acts only that had to follow the central theme of the show. The first show was based on evolution of humankind, from the big bang, through prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, roaring 20s, 60s, 90s, to the future, hence the name Pole Evolution.

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