Tracey simmonds online pole lessonGlutes, Legs and Feet. Online training with PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Tracey Simmonds

All levels welcome!

WHEN? 6th February 2021 11:30-12:45 UK Time (13:30-14:45 SA Time)

HOW MUCH? £10 PayPal/Credit Card (R150 EFT South Africa)


All proceeds to

We’ll be donating all payments for this online class to the Free My Meal Fund. Free My Meal is a non profit organisation founded in August 2020. They create connections between people who need a meal, with people who can provide a meal.

During this 1 hour 15 minute class we’ll be focusing on strength and conditioning for the ass, legs and feet!

Did you know that gluteal strength directly relates to hip mobility? Yes, that’s right, strong hip extensors are needed for the perfect front split. Let’s spend some time unlocking those hip flexors and waking up your locked-down butt.

Are you struggling to extend the backs of your knees to create the perfect lines in your pole splits, or perhaps just wishing you could touch your toes? We’ll cover some tried and tested methods of strengthening and lengthening the hamstrings and calves.

Lastly, our poor neglected feet. Does it often seem like your feet are an after-thought and you just pray they will point like a prima ballerina on command? It’s time we made those floppy fish feet stronger and more flexible. This class will look at foot and ankle alignment, easy home stretching techniques and exercises to ensure that your feet can always point with precision.

Join us for an intense and fun session on Zoom. You won’t need any equipment other than a longish towel. If you happen to have a yoga mat, even better.

It’s all in aid of the Free My Meal Fund. Please support this incredible cause!

If you cannot afford to pay for the class but you want to join, please email us.

We’ll be happy to welcome you for free!


About the Instructor Tracey Simmonds:

Started training in pole fitness in 2005.

Miss Pole Dance UK Winner 2006.

Pole Art Sweden 2012

IPC Hong Kong 2021

Arnold Classic Africa Pole Champion Winner 2016.

Qualified Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer and Barre Concept Instructor.

Creator of The Pole Studio’s internationally accredited instructor courses.

Owner of The Pole Studio South Africa.

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor

If you are a PDC Approved instructor and you have an online pole activity you would like to promote on our website just e-mail us.

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