Janet mature pole dancerPole Dancing is for everyone.

If you thought pole dancing was just for 18 year old gym bunnies then think again. The pole dancing industry is attracting people of all ages.

Kids, are pole dancing, adults are pole dancing and even more mature members of our society are becoming addicted to pole. We spoke to some of the students who train with our PDC approved instructors to find out why pole dancing at the age of 60 is completely the norm.

Janet mature pole dancerJanet Bowden was born in 1961 and she hits her 60th birthday in 2021. Janet started with PDC approved pole dance studio Zero Gravity in February 2019. Janet said "I started Pole as the gyms and keep fit places were not for me. Pole looked so much fun and only ladies, being older you get more self-conscious of your shape and general self confidence. It doesn’t matter with Pole your age or shape. No one judges you.

From the very first time I went to Zero Gravity I feel so welcomed . Nicky (Nicola Thomas) is an amazing instructor, she really does care about you being the best you can be, although I am not as amazing as some I will always be encouraged , Nicky and Lucy (Lucy Wiblin) make it fun and do routines, change round the moves and are just great girls, I now have so much confidence in my ability plus confidence in myself I am full of life. I am so much healthier as well.

I now attend stretch classes to help with the moves. I will continue to go to pole twice a week and continue to enjoy the instructors and all the ladies/girls that go to Zero Gravity" .

Shirley mature pole dancer

Shirley Hoyles
was born in 1958 and as she approaches her 62nd birthday she is loving her pole dancing journey. Shirley trains with PDC approved instructor Sarah Myers of Vertical Joy in Gainsborough. Sarah said "Shirley is an amazing student who has worked consistently hard over the last few years to get where she is. She tries every move and always gives 100% in class. She is also kind hearted and very supportive of other class members and a bit of an inspiration to everyone.

Shirley puts this effort into everything she does, and for all our fancy dress events since she has been a student with us, she has won every single one."

Carmela mature pole dancerCarmela trains with PDC approved pole dancing instructor Ciro Esposito in Avellino, Italy. Carmela said "My name is Carmela, and I was born in April, 1958. I am quite excited about this sport which I have been practicing for about three months only. When I am involved in pole dancing, I seem to be in paradise. True, I still can’t do many of the figures, but I am satisfied with what I can do because even these relatively simple things need so much strength and energy in order to get to the top! And I am sure that with time, I will get to the top!

I came across Pole dancing when I was going through a sad moment in my life. I felt the need for something different, something stimulating, and so, while surfing the internet, I came across this sport. I can easily say that it was love at first sight.
At the beginning, I was a little hesitant, but my wish for something different and exciting was stronger. So, since I really wanted to try it, I started practicing this sport and now I wouldn’t do without it for anything in the world.

Pole dancing gives me energy, stimulates my adrenaline in such a way that I didn’t think possible at my age. I never thought that at 62 I would have been able to take up this sport, but I had a lot of willpower. Also, the girls who attend the gym at the same time I do encourage me continuously and this also gives me the strength to continue. Always, when it seems that I’m too tired to carry out a figure, or that I don’t have any energy left, I hear them cheering me on, encouraging me, and it seems that hearing them say “Come on Carmela, you can do it Carmela!” gives me a huge energy shot and it seems that there is nothing I can’t do.
There is a saying “In life, you must always give things a try”. And this is especially true in this sport. It slowly conquers your soul, all your senses are concentrated on the pole. It seems that there is nothing you can’t do.

What else is there to say? Nothing except that pole dancing is such a wonderful thing."

Do you have a pole story you would like to share? Simply drop us an e-mail with your pole tales.


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