PDC Pole Instructors scoop up awards at Pole World Festival

Pole world festival
PDC Approved instructors dominated the line up of winners at the 2019 Pole World Festival held in Bristol, UK. The pole excellence awards saw the Industry Contribution award go to PDC Approved 4 star instructors Sam Remmer who won the category and Karrie Hammersley who came runner up.

Sandi Wilkie won the commitment to excellence award and Lucy P came runner up in the Star Role Model award.

Lesley Jackson was runner up in the Most Inclusive category.

Susan Mellor won the Most Supportive whilst Robyn Rooke took the runner up spot.

The awards were judged by some of the 2018 award winners, Tiff Finney, Gwen Holbrey and Natalie Morgan-Dew!

This is what the award winners had to say......

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Sam Remmer teaches at the art of dance in Plymouth, Sam Remmer Pole Dance AwardsUK.

How did winning the award make you feel?

I actually went all shaky and emotional. I have worked so hard for the pole industry since the start of my career in 2001 and I am still passionate about pole. To gain recognition for this is a truly, wonderful thing. Thank you Pole World Festival.

What do you love most about pole?

Where to start! Pole is amazing, addictive and a powerful way to keep mentally and physically fit. Pole has given me many wonderful friends and my pole strength helped my recovery after major surgery in 2018. I love seeing my students achieving their pole goals and using their new found confidence in the wider world.

How did you enjoy your experience at PWF?

This was my first year at PWF and it was amazing, not just because of the award but to be able to catch up with so many polers from across the globe. If you haven't been to PWF then you must attend next year.

What are your pole plans for the future?

I hope to continue to hone and develop my pole skills so I can share my knowledge with my instructors and students.

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Karrie Hammersley teaches at Karrie's Pole & Aerial in Derbyshire, UK.

karrie hammersley pole dance instructorHow did winning the award make you feel?

Getting runner up as creator of Kick Ass Curves was a huge honour! Just to be nominated meant a lot. Kick Ass Curves is the first and only pole competition for the plus size pole community in the UK. For me pole is a huge de stress and mental health boost. I live for sharing knowledge and continued learning.

How did you enjoy your experience at PWF?

It my first time attending PWF and I gotta say I loved it! Lots of stalls, an amazing show and even the inclusive workshops were super fun, and for me as an instructor they were great for teaching inspiration. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pole workshops due to having a baby girl 7 weeks previously.

The seminars were super inspiring! Especially from Tiff Finney who is an absolute legend!

What are your pole plans for the future?

For the future I’ll be returning to teaching soon, and Kick Ass Curves entries are open for entries September-November so preparing for the competition in March 2020. Its set to be a big one with Roz ‘The Diva’ Mays coming to host and do workshops. Thank you PWF you are amazing and I’ll be back next year for sure.

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Sandi Wilkie (AKA Pinkie) teaches at the Watermelon studio in Edinburgh, UK.Sandi wilkie pole dance awards

How did winning the award make you feel?

Stunned and admittedly a bit emotional! I never thought I’d win an award for anything! I’m not a competitor or a studio owner, just an instructor and working mum-of-two! I never switch off from pole, so it was lovely to be acknowledged for the work I put in!

What do you love most about pole?

Physical benefits are obviously great, but it is the mental benefits that outweigh it all to me. It’s life changing and reinventing people’s lives.

Teaching-wise, I adore seeing beginners nail those moves and their eyes light up. That’s where the self-belief starts.

Oh, and the shoes ? How amazing is it to get all dressed up to workout? There’s nothing quite like it!

How did you enjoy your experience at PWF?

I adored it! This was my third year at PWF and this time we came from Edinburgh with a large group of girls from The Watermelon Studio. I’m always impressed at the organisation of such a huge event. The instructors were outstanding! I love that everything is all in one venue and the shopping opportunities are exciting! We were spoilt with two evenings of shows too!

What are your pole plans for the future?

Simply improving and upgrading my own training and qualifications. I am always hungry for more education and providing the best for our students.


PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Lucy P teaches at the art of dance in Plymouth, UK.

Lucy pole dance awardsHow did winning the award make you feel?

I was completely shocked and truly humbled to have even been shortlisted for star role model by my students let alone being awarded runner up, words cannot even describe how happy I am! I absolutely love teaching each and every one of my students and watching their progress each week, so for them to take the time to go and vote for me really means the world to me so thank you to everyone who voted.
How did you enjoy your experience at PWF?

I know I've said this before, but Pole World Festival truly is my favourite weekend of the year. What could be better than getting to spend a whole weekend away, immersed in the world of pole with some of my students and fellow instructors that I'm lucky enough to call my friends?! It's such a relaxed an friendly event that everyone comes away buzzing each year with so many new ideas and things to skill share and I just love seeing how excited my students are when they push themselves so far out of their comfort zones and still completely nail their workshops! 
What are your pole plans for the future?

I'm planning on increasing my teaching repertoire by completing my Spin City strength and conditioning course as well as finishing reading Bendy Kate's Upside Down Injuries: Prehab and Rehab as I'm very passionate about injury prevention, having suffered so many pole-related injuries myself over the years! I also can't wait to perfect some of the tricks, shapes and flips I learned at Pole World Festival and bring them into classes for my students to enjoy too. 

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Lesley Jackson runs Pole Guns in Newcastle, UK.Lesley Jackson Pole Dance Awards

How did winning the award make you feel?

Amazing a real surprise especially as there are so many amazing instructors in the industry.

What do you love most about pole?

Funny enough how inclusive it is! And how it teaches us how incredible our body’s can be.

What are your pole plans for the future?

To continue helping my students be the best they can.

Am so happy to be runner up for a awesome award but nothing is more rewarding than seeing a student nail something they been working on for a long time. Now that’s the best feeling in the world.

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Susan Mellor runs Tiva Pole in Stockport, UK.

susan mellor pole dance awardsHow did winning the award make you feel?

Winning my award really did came as a huge shock as it was totally unexpected.. Congratulations to all those who won awards this year too and also to all the other nominees for this year’s awards - to stand alongside them and be recognised by others in the pole industry is a huge honour

How did you enjoy your experience at PWF?

Attending Pole World Festival this year was brilliant. Such a great event with lots of inspiring performances and workshops and a really friendly feel.

What do you love most about pole?

I established my studios Tiva Pole Dance in Stockport in 2005 (Tiva meaning Spirited Dancer) and during that time I have had many proud moments and Ive seen so many women come and find their love of pole and grow into more confident, stronger independent women and great pole dancers. Creating that space where they can be themselves and feel supported to grow in all aspects of their lives is the thing I am most proud of, alongside winning my award of course!

What are your pole plans for the future?

I’m so excited for the future and I’m excited about continuing the work with my amazing team here at Tiva. I want to grow my studio as well as continue with my own pole journey, having come back from time off with injury that hasn’t been easy. The past 18 months have been life changing for me, but it has given me a new understanding of myself and Pole, and I look forward to many more years of supporting every single lady who comes through my doors to be the best version of themselves that they can be!

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Robyn Rooke runs 360 Pole dancing in Bristol, UK.

How did winning the award make you feel?robyn rooke pole dance awards

I was initially shocked to see my name even on the nomination list. I really hadn't expected to see my name there! I've since been given some hints as to who nominated me, and I was touched that someone had gone out of their way to write something like that.
I'd been asked to go to perform at Boomtown Fair so I wasn't able to attend Pole World Festival. It didn't occur to me that I might need to be there, there were so many worthy names on the nomination list.

On the Sunday afternoon I got a message on my phone that my name had been called as the Runner-Up of Most Supportive Instructor. I couldn't believe it! I actually cried in a field, and then had to explain to a bunch of random people that I was happy, not sad!
It absolutely made my day to know that I am appreciated.

What do you love most about pole?

I love that pole allows you to not be ashamed of being a woman, to give yourself permission to move in a way that feels good to you, to love your body for what it can do, and not hate it for how it looks. I love the pole family we create, the friends that we make that build you up, and that they compliment your butt.
I love that the community and confidence spreads into your daily life outside of pole too. I've seen new friends become housemates and bridesmaids, and polers empowered enough to leave toxic relationships and jobs they hate.
A metal bar can't do those things by itself - Pole Love does though.

What are your pole plans for the future?

I've just spent a month refurbishing our studio in Bristol. Our little "Glitter Cave". When it's all finished, I'm planning to have a re-launch party to show it all off!
Our next stop is the Bristol Pole Championships where we have a number of students in the final. You will be sure to hear our support for them!
We've also just announced our 11th student show for November this year, already got polers excited to take part!

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