PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Chloe Anderson

Chloe Anderson Pole Dancing Instructor

 Chloe Anderson is the principal instructor at The Pole Lab in Hove, UK.


Chloe Anderson opened the doors of The Pole Lab (originally named Passion 4 Pole) in April 2011. Chloe has been teaching pole dancing for over 8 years and is also an Xpert Instructor Trainer. She enjoys all the elements of Pole and is known for her dynamic movements and flow. As well as teaching she also regularly performs around the UK, and is a resident performer for Cabaret Boheme.Chloe Anderson Pole Dance Instructor

Chloe Anderson started pole dancing in October 2009 in the South of Spain. From her first few classes she was hooked and her passion and love for the sport has only grown as time has passed. Chloe had no previous dance or gymnastic background, but found that pole gave her the motivation to work on her grace and flexibility, making her a more fluid and graceful pole dancer.

Chloe received her 2 references for her 4 star application from fellow 4 star pole instructors Andi Ariseanu and Stacey Snedden.

Andi Ariseanu (ActiveCherry) said "Chloe is a patient and caring instructor. She is knowledgable and professional and teaches clearly and safely. Her classes are fun and inspiring and she takes great care of her students. She knows how and when to push and when to praise and I would trust her with my life when it comes to spotting."

Stacey Snedden said "Chloe is an incredible instructor, she has been working with us at XPERT for the last 8 months and has proven to be very knowledgeable with a good eye for technique. She continues her CPDS on a regular basis and is very popular with all our instructors and students.
She is a great addition to our team."

Check out Chloe's Impressive Pole CV:

Chloe Anderson Pole Dance Performer
- Xpert Instructor Trainer
- Owner and Instructor of The Pole Lab (since 2011)
- Xpert Pole Level 1&2
- Xpert Pole Level 3&4
- Childrens Pole And Aerial Xpert Qualified
- Exercise to Music Level 2
- First Aid Qualified
- PDC Level 4 Instructor
- Brand Ambassador for Fly Baby
- Zumba Instructor
- Exercise To Music Level 2 (ETM) CYQ, Innervate, London

Competition & Performance Achievements:

- UKPPC Elite Category 2018
- IPAAT Champions Category - 2nd Place 2018
- UKPPC Champion - Professional Category 2017
- Miss Pole Dance Uk Finalist 2017 (6th Place)
- UKPPC Finalist - Professional Category 2016
- Best Tricks Overall Kent Pole Dance Championshp 2016
- Runner up Kent Pole Dance Championship 2016- Pro Category Chloe Anderson Pole Dancing Teacher
- 3rd Place UKPPC 2015 - Professional Category
- Semi-finallist IPAAT Champions Category
- Finalist in UKPPC November 2014 - Professional Category
- Winner of 2014 EPD Competition (IPAAT) Expert Category
- Resident pole performer for Circus Fantasia and Cabaret Boheme
- Pole dancer in ‘Charlie comes first’ music video 2014
- Pole dance performer for Circus de Cabaret 2013

Work Experience:

2011 - Present Director and Instructor - Passion 4 Pole, Brighton and Hove

- 150 Students
- Opened April 2011
- Beginner - Elite Level Classes, including Pole Flow, Showgirls,
- Chairlesque, Children’s Pole Fitness Classes (starting March
2018) Flexibility Classes and Workshops
- Approximately 150 students
- 2 part time instructors, trained at Passion 4 Pole (fully qualified/insured)
- 2 studios - Hove / Brighton
- 14 people per class (max 2 per pole) and small groups plus one to ones and larger fun classes (hen parties etc)

2010 - 2011 Pole Dance Instructor - Princess Studios, Puerto Banus, Spain

Pole Dance Instructor, Administration, Reception duties

Chloe Anderson Pole Dancing PerformerEvents and Media:

Each year Showcases and Fundraisers for the Passion 4 Pole students are held, with audience attendance of 100-130 people. Between £500-£1000 has regularly been raised at fundraising events for fantastic charities


July 2012 - Fundraiser - Charity: Fareshare

May 2013 - Fundraiser - Charity: Rise

Nov 2013 - Showcase

July 2014 - Fundraiser - Naughty or Nice, Charity: Mind

Nov 2014 - Showcase

May 2015 - Fundraiser - Fairytale and Fantasy, Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Dec 2015 - Showcase - Night at the Movies

May 2016 - Fundraiser - Don’t Stop the Music, Charity: Skinawareness.org

Dec 2016 - Showcase - A nightmare before Christmas June 2017 - Fundraiser - Deadly Sins, Charity: Mind Jan 2018 - Showcase - Welcome to the Circus


Take part 2015


In 2015 a Brighton and Hove council initiative "Take Part Festival" was raised to encourage people to get active and to try new sports and activities. After applying we were informed that pole fitness was "not suitable" for the event and amongst other reasons they believed pole fitness "supported the sex industry and gave women a bad body image"

Appalled at this view, I began a petition and received 485 signatures in less that 24 hours, which also led to a fantastic media response from the local newspaper ‘The Argus’, local TV Station
‘Latest TV’ and BBC Sussex Radio, where I had a chance to educate people on pole fitness. Through such an amazing response from the pole industry and thanks to all of the media attention, the council changed their decision and pole fitness was allowed in to Brighton and Hove annual Take Part festival.

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