Kassia Portas achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Instructor Status.


Kassia Portas Pole Dance Teacherr
Kassia Portas started her pole journey in 2010 before commencing her teaching career in 2012. Kassia has not only acheived national competition success she is also the organiser of the much-loved Bristol Pole Championships.

Kassia achieved her references from PDC Approved Instructors Anna Rohnbogner and Cath Ballantyne.

Anna Rohnbogner said "Kassia Portas is an outstanding teacher with an exceptional understanding of anatomy and physiology in the context of pole dancing and associated injury prevention, prehab, rehab and mobility. Kassia’s instruction is second to none, proving to reward her students with technical, challenging and above all safe lessons for all levels.

Kassia is incredibly generous at passing on her expertise, whether it’s pole moves or combos, teaching points or advice, and individual approaches to injury prevention and prehab exercises.

Not only is Kassia one of the most skilled instructors in the UK, she is also a cornerstone of the Bristol pole scene with her classKassia Portas Pole Dance Performer program, massage offer and sports therapy provision.

Kassia’s work is much needed in the ever growing pole scene, nationally and internationally, to educate current and future pole dancers on how to lead a long and happy pole life. Aside from her work to serve the pole community, Kassia organises Bristol Pole Championships, an esteemed event in the annual pole competition calendar, as well as being a recognised pole competitor herself! Kassia is truly unique, with an admirably track record, and I do hope that this statement is doing her achievements justice.

Cath Ballantyne said "Kassia has always been a determined young lady, from the first time she stepped into the studio, and trying a fireman, to now mastering a flip or a fonji!  She is a much loved instructor and always creates classes that her students enjoy, and makes them feel accomplished.

She takes her training and her teaching very seriously, always professional, with a high regard for safety and good technique.  Her sports massage qualifications are also a big bonus as she can really make people understand their bodies, and help those that are broken!

I fully support Kassias application to become PDC 4 star instructor, and believe it is fully deserved."

Kassia Portas Pole Fitness Instructor
Education and Training:

    • Spin City Beginners Pole
    • Xpert Beginners pole
    • Spin City Intermediate Pole
    • Spin City Advanced Pole
    • Spin City Beginner Aerial Hoop
    • Spin City Intermediate Aerial Hoop
    • Spin City Pole Silks
    • Holistic Massage Diploma Level 4
    • Sports Massage Diploma Level 5
    • Medical Acupuncture

Spin City Pole Fitness
October 2012- ongoing

I have been Pole Dancing since October 2010 and have been a self-employed pole dance instructor since October 2012. Being an instructor has taught me a lot, including how to motivate my students whilst helping them to have realistic expectations of their personal abilities. I hold regular evening classes, teach workshops and private sessions multiple times a week. I often organise workshops for other studios in the UK to continue my professional development. I have completed a first aid qualification and I am fully insured for the benefit of my students' safety. I completed my instructor training certificates with Spin City, which is a well-known school for Pole Dancing in the UK. I now work under the Spin City name as a self-employed instructor. I have great organisational skills which give me the ability to keep class plans interesting, make sure that payments are taken, and registers are kept. I pride myself on my customer service skills which is very important for my job.  

I work for Kate Edwards, who is the founder of Spin City and Spin City Instructor Training as a model for the Spin City Bibles and videos for the online instructor training. This shows my high level of professionalism in this field.

Competition Success:Kassia Portas Pole Dancing Instructor

South West Amateur Advanced Champion 2012
Miss Pole Dance Semi-Pro runner up 2013
3rd place UK pole professional Championships 2013
Yorkshire Professional Champion 2014
Solent Professional Champion 2014
2nd place Bristol Pole Superstar 2014
2nd place UKPPC professional category 2017 (pictured right)

"Competing regularly has helped motivate me to train myself to the highest level for me. I constantly challenge myself and train multiple times per week. I keep a close eye on new techniques and moves and this helps me to keep up to date in my training. I am aware of my weaknesses and train in these areas to continue my development. One of my strengths is that my background is not within dance or gymnastics and therefore I have needed to develop my own style that doesn't have any previously learned skills. This enables me to teach students of all abilities as I can show them that it's possible to progress at pole dancing without any experience. I make sure that I treat each of my students as individuals and never make assumptions about a person's skill. I also believe it's extremely important to have a good sense of humour; it is meant to be fun after all!"

Bristol Pole ChampionshipsKassia Portas Pole Dance Professional
October 2016- ongoing

I hold an annual Pole Dance competition The Bristol Pole Championships. This has become quickly popular due to the high level of fairness and organisation.

A brief description of my job roles includes:
    • Hiring venue and poles
    • Hiring judges and liaising with them for the video round
    • Creating the website and advertisement
    • Taking payment from competitors and spectators
    • Creating documents for all levels included in the competition
    • Ensuring the running of the final event runs smoothly and on time
    • Creating a calm environment for the competitors

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