Polelatis Pole dance grading Claire JonesPole Dance Grading Success at Polelatis, Bridport, UK.

PDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Ally Franklin held a pole dance grading day at her Dorest studio which saw all 5 students achieving grading success. Ally's students were delighted with their achievement. Pole Dance Gradings are a great way to chart your pole dancing progress as well as being able to share your success with friends and family. If you are interested in the grading process just e-mail us with the subject 'Grading Advice Please' and we can send you out a grading advice pack.

Claire Jones (pictured left) - Level 4.

Rachel Barrett (pictured right) - Level 3 Merit.

I have been pole dancing for...it's gone so quickly I can't actually remember nearly two years now I believe (2016).

I wanted to give it a go because I am lazy and hate conventional exercise. I get bored really easily and don't stick to much. Polelatis Pole dance grading Rachel BarrettPole is the first thing I have actually stuck too.

In my first couple of months I nearly gave it up because I found it really tough and felt like I couldn't do anything, then I bought my instructors proper pole shorts and thought right I'm really going to try and push myself here.

Once you get even what becomes a simple move over time; when you first try something new for the first time and see your first progression it feels really good. An accomplishment :) I still never get used to bruises though!

In the future maybe, I want to enter a competition and definitely participate in more in-house showcases I did my first one last year.

I love bringing my own dance elements and flavour and let go when I'm able to choreograph my own stuff.  

To anybody thinking about pole definitely give it a go it releases inhibitions and you meet great friends and have fun.

Ally is a fantastic instructor and mentor, she really knows her stuff she makes classes fun, challenging, she pushes you and gives me confidence to carry on and believe in myself. And she's really nice too :D x

Polelatis Pole dance grading Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown
(pictured left) - Level 3.

I first started pole in January 2009 at the age of  44 because I thought it sounded interesting.

It doesn`t matter what age, size, or shape you are you can give pole a go.

My pole goals are to become stronger and master higher levels.

Pole has definitely improved my core and upper body strength.

Ally is a great motivational teacher, with lots of energy and enthusiasm!

Polelatis Pole dance grading Sarah Lawson

Sarah Lawson
(pictured right) - Level 3.

When did you start pole dancing?
January 2016.

What persuaded you to try your first class?
I saw a video from a class and thought it looked interesting.

What would you say to others who might be thinking about taking up pole?
Try it. It's hard work but so much fun

What are your pole goals for the future?
Learn new moves and combos.

Have you felt a positive change in your body/mind since taking up pole?
I got excited about the things I managed to do.

Polelatis Pole dance grading Christine Michelle Reid

Christine Michelle Reid (pictured left) - Level 4 Merit

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