PDC Approved 3 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Gemma Fielding.

Gemma Fielding Approved Pole Dance Instructor

Gemma gained her instructor approval in June 2018 after completing her Xpert level 1 and 2 training in January 2018 and then completing a successful level 3 pole dance grading in March 2018. Gemma is already making waves in the pole industry and receving rave reviews from her students. Gemma currently runs a small studio in Choppington, UK. We spoke to her to find out more....

I first discovered pole waaaaaay back in 2008 when I did a brief 6 week introductory course, I absolutely loved it and bought a pole, But I soon fell pregnant with my first child and my pole gathered dust in my garage.

In 2012 when my boy started nursery I decided to do something about my mum tum and dusted off my pole. I taught Gemma Fielding Approved Pole Fitness teachermyself for a year or 2 and then found Northern Pole Dance in Newcastle and began taking lessons. I also learned from the awesome Ley Pole Guns. Ley and Beth Hamilton (of Northern Pole dance) have both helped my to gain confidence and become a much stronger poler and I owe a lot to them.

I live in a small town in Northumberland so had to travel for lessons. In 2014 a few people suggested I should set up to teach locally. I loved the idea but didn't quite feel confident enough to do so. I started sitting PDC exams at this point. I passed my first 2 levels with merit so this helped with my confidence.

In 2015 I had my 2nd child and I honestly think my quick recovery after my c-section was down to my level of physical fitness through pole. When I came back to pole after baby I decided I was going to work towards instructing. I spent 2 years working hard and learning/gaining skills then in Jan 18 I completed X-pert training. I had the pleasure of being trained by the amazing Sarah Scott (absolute highlight of my pole life).

I am lucky enough to have a nice big, room where I now teach 1:1 pole lessons. I have recently found a space to set up a bigger studio and teach classes (currently spending every free minute their clearing and decorating).

Gemma Fielding Approved Pole Dance teacherMyself, I am a sucker for strength moves and anything scary.

Student Testimonials 2018:

Leah Thompson "Being a person who hates exercise I can honestly say that I truly love my pole classes with Gemma and after 3 lessons the difference in myself is amazing. She makes it fun, enjoyable and most of all fills you with confidence. I look forward to my next lesson every time I leave and I can't recommend Gemma enough."

Andrea Bradford "First time I have tried this and I love it and would encourage anyone no mater what age or level of fitness to give it a go. Gemma is a great teacher who encourages you to try things which give you a real buzz when you see what you are able to achieve with her excellent coaching. Unfortunately I bruise very easily! Cannot recommend highly enough."

Good Luck to Gemma on her new venture.