PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Aaron Darby.

Aaron tells us about his pole journey to date and life before pole:

Aaron Darby Pole Dancing InstructorI am Aaron Darby and I own and run Pole Position Strength & Fitness in Birmingham with my wife Lisa. We met when we were both working as gymnastics coaches. Lisa convinced me to attend one of her regular pole classes and I was instantly hooked. I started gymnastics at the age of 9 and went on to compete at international level. My gymnastic career ended at the age of 17 due to injury, and then I became a men's gymnastics coach training the elite boys team. I loved how I could transfer my gymnastics skills to pole, and I picked it up fairly quickly (much to my wife's annoyance). After a while we made the decision to leave our jobs and open our own pole studio.

I have recently started to compete in pole competitions. I was a finalist in mens category at Miss Pole Dance UK 2017, I won the men's category at MMPS 2017, and was a finalist in professional category at Lincolnshire Pole Aaron Darby Pole Dance PerformerChampionships earlier this year. Having spent most of my life training in a disicpline that requires rigid shapes and lines my biggest challege at the moment is loosening up and looking like im actually having fun while performing.

Having started competing in 2017 with Miss Pole Dance UK (mens category) I am really throwing myself into competing this year to gain as much experience and feedback as possible. It's tough because I teach and own a studio so I have to enter some at quite a high category (professional and semi pro) and I'm amongst polers who have been competing for years. This tends to get in my head a little, particularly as I am a perfectionist and ridiculously hard on myself!

I gained first place at MMPE 2018.


I am inspired by Dimitry Politov. He is absolutely crazy on the pole. Really enjoy watching some of the stuff Mark Buhantsov comes out with too.

I get grief from my wife and students for always poling in my socks.

You will not catch me doing a superman unless I absolutely have to. I dont know how guys enjoy this move, I have caught my bits on the pole one too many times

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