PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Emily Draper.

Emily Draper PDC Pole Dancing InstructorEmily works at Solent Fitness and Aerial Arts in Southampton, UK. We spoke to Emily to find out more about her and her passion for pole dancing.

"I first discovered pole back in 2010 and have been pretty much hooked since then! I train and teach pole at Solent Fitness & Aerial Arts, where my casual once-a-week hobby turned into a full obsession. I love all things pole & aerial, especially the community feel that comes along with it! When I first started the industry was fairly small (compared to how enormous it is now) and I have enjoyed watching it grow, especially because it’s no longer a drama to find decent pole shorts...

Emily Draper PDC Pole Dancing Silhouette

My pole style usually revolves around back-bendy moves, although I try to train everything (and train both sides like a good girl). My favourite moves are usually leg hangs, although my strongest is probably a Remi, which is my go-to base move! I find the more flippy moves really difficult as I’m not a very brave poler… I tend to scream when I learn something new!

I have competed a few times, alone and as part of a doubles, in competitions across the country. I qualified for the finals at Solent Pole & Aerial Hoop Competition, IPAAT, Bristol Pole Championships & UKPDC (doubles) coming away with a couple of trophies, a couple of bruises and a whole load of new friends! I have attended several workshops and various other pole-themed events, I am always overwhelmed by how friendly everyone is and how quick we are to stalk each other on Instagram!

Emily Draper PDC Pole Dancing Performer
Over the last few years I started coming to more and more classes, as well as helping out with bits around the studio and helping out with the organisation of the Solent Pole & Aerial Hoop Competition. My chief instructor Zorena has been a massive influence on my pole-life, encouraging me to compete and eventually make the transition into teaching. I have been teaching since September 2017! I love watching my students learn new things and being a part of an awesome team of kickass instructors. Hopefully this is only the beginning!"

Congratualtions to Emily Draper for achieving her 3 star instructor status.

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