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We have released a new version of the PDC Syllabus Core Moves Mobile App for android phones. You can try the free app as it has all the functions of the paid for apps just with limited moves available. If you like it, which we know you will, you can upgrade to the paid version, see links below.

The app is available for both android and iphone (please note that the i-phone app has not been updated yet).

download from google play

You can use the app to make lists of your favourite pole moves or to create lists to aid your session plans.After feedback from the previous version we have now enabled the pause and slow motion function on the syllabus videos making the app even more user friendly.

We have also removed the grading upload facility as users were finding upload function hard to use. If you want to submit your pole dance grading just use one of the following options:

1. Youtube - Upload your videos to youtube and then send us the link for each video. You can set your videos as unlisted so that we can view them but no one else can see them unless you send them the links.

2. File Sharing Program - Using a program such as dropbox you can send us a shareable link. When you look at your shareable folder there will be an option to create a shareable link, copy the shareable link then send it to us so we can pass it to one of our grading assessors. Please don't just make the folder viewable to the PDC e-mail address as we are then unable to forward it to a grading assessor.

To submit a pole dance grading you will need an up tp date aap pole dancers membership, this costs just £30 for an e-membership and includes a free online grading worth £15 and various AAP members discounts.

We hope you enjoy the new, improved android app.

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