Inter-University Pole Dance Competition (IUPDC). Rules and Regulations.

Inter University Pole Dance Competition Finals

The Inter-University Pole Dance Competition is run by the National University Pole Association.

Entry Criteria and Rules:

- Competitors must be current students (no alumni) and hold a valid student number

- If a member is paid to professionally teach in a studio or paid to perform they are not allowed to enter. If an entrant is found to be deemed professional they will be disqualified immediately


- Competitors who teach/assist their society members on a voluntary basis and are not paid to do so are not deemed professional and are allowed to compete

- If a member has placed first at an equivalent level at a national or international competition must not enter that particular category but may enter the group category

- Competitors can only enter 1 solo division but may enter a solo and the group category:

- Each competition has a beginner, intermediate, advanced and group division

- 1 person can be entered per solo category

- Up to 6 competitors or a minimum of 2 can be entered in the group division. Solo entrants can also enter the group category.

- Beginners division allows pole moves PDC level 1 and 2, Intermediate PDC level 1 to 4 and advanced PDC level 1 to 5 with any additional moves not listed in the PDC syllabus (advanced can perform any moves within reason with high consideration of safety).

- All divisions may use floor work and acro balance moves
- If a competitor is unsure about the level of a certain move please contact the NUPA team who will confirm its suitability for the level.

- Solo division competitors will perform on two 45mm stage poles with a minimum of two metres between the edge of the stage pole platform. The right hand pole will be on spinning mode if you are looking at the stage from the audience.

- Competitors will have use of the whole stage for both the solo and group divisions.

- Group division competitors will perform on three static \45mm stage poles where the middle pole will be slightly behind the outer two in a triangular shape.

- Competitors can choose any song but must avoid overly explicit lyrics.

- Songs must be between 2:30 mins and 3:30 mins.

- If two competitors have the same song choice, the person who submitted their song first gets priority and the second competitor will be asked to change their song.

- Group songs follow the same criteria as the solo category.

- Song choices will not be judged, judges must remain impartial to music taste, however competitors must consider interpretation of music as one of the 5 areas of the judging criteria.

- Solo competitors will be scored out of 100; scoring them out of 20 for each of the 5 judging criteria. These are technical, fluidity and lines, transitions, interpretation of music and performance and audience interaction.

- The group division with be scored out of 100 on the following areas with a higher weighting on performance and group interaction; 20 for technical, 20 for fluidity and lines, 20 for timing and symmetry, and 40 for overall performance and theme.

- Illegal moves (outside of the PDC levels for the category) will be deducted 3 points per move identified by the head judge.

- Unsafe execution of moves - if the judging panel deem a move to be performed unsafely they can deduct 3 points. To be agreed by the head judge who will then take 3 points.

- Inappropriate costume/wardrobe malfunctions - competitors must remain in the minimum clothing requirement of a crop top and shorts.

- Judges decisions are final, if a competitor wishes to challenge please direct them to the NUPA team.

- In the event of a tiebreak the judges will select the overall winner as we can only put one winner through.

- The following will not be penalised: removal of clothing (must remain in minimum clothing), use of footwear and heels, use of knee pads, use of grip aids, visible gluteal crease

- The winning and runner up team from each regional qualifier will be put through to the IUPDC final held in March.

- Any prop used e.g. glitter, petals must be able to be cleaned from the stage within 60 seconds after the performance.

- Grip aids can be applied to the skin or the pole but the pole must be able to be cleaned by pole cleaners within 60 seconds after the performance.