National University Pole Association (NUPA).

Inter University Pole Dance Competition Group
The National University Pole Association was formed in 2016 to oversee and develop the Inter-University Pole Dancing Competition (IUPDC).

The first IUPDC competition was held in 2011 but with limited places it was difficult to make the event inclusive for all the universities that wanted to enter. The 2011 format also meant that solo performers had to perform alongside other solo acts with limited music choice and frustrations for the judges. To allow more inclusivity the NUPA have created regional heats to allow all universities wanting to compete the chance to own the stage.

Since 2016 the NUPA board have offered their services for free to create massive improvements to the IUPDC competition and strict guidelines to create consistency across the regional heats.

The National University Pole Association (NUPA) is the national body that provides support and guidance to University Pole Societies/Clubs with the aim to develop and drive movement in the industry.  

The main responsibilities of the NUPA are to promote developments and opportunities for University Pole Societies/Clubs in the UK. The NUPA also provide support and guidance to the organisers of official UK university regional qualifiers which feeds in to the Inter-University Pole Dance Competition final.

This new model mirrors other sporting industries with the best of the best competing in the final to be crowned the national champions.

Who are the NUPA board?


Gem Heywood National University pole Association
Gem Heywood

Gem has been a part of the pole industry for 6 years now as an instructor, competitor and now a judge. Gem first started judging the university pole competitions as the director of the national university pole association after setting up the first regional university competition. Gem has competed semi-professionally and is a PDC approved instructor. She currently teaches at Momentum PoleFitness in Gloucester and House of Maya in Bristol. Gem is also the founder and lead organiser of Pole World Festival which aims to bring polers from across the country together to celebrate everything we love about pole dancing.

Lara Stojkiw National University Pole Association

Lara Stojkiw

Lara began pole dancing in 2010 and soon discovered it's transformative power and supportive community.  She went on to become an instructor at her University for the next 4 years and has been passionate about the development of UK Pole Societies ever since.
During that time Lara held the role of Performance Coordinator and Lead dance Exec and and was nominated for an outstanding achievement award for her work with the Pole Society.  She competed in IUPDC three consecutive years 2012-2015, before organizing the competition the following year.
Lara has since co-founded the NUPA and worked with the team to expand IUPDC by introducing regional qualifiers.
As well the NUPA projects and working full time as a hospital doctor, Lara also held a position on the Pole Sports UK committee for 2015-2017 and is now in the process of certifying as an IPSF Judge. 

Sam Remmer National University Pole Competition
Sam Remmer

Sam started pole dancing in 2001. In 2004 she set up her own pole dance school, the art of dance in Plymouth. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 Sam competed at a national level in the UK before she started working as a judge both nationally and internationally in 2009.

Sam has judged for the IUPDC since 2011.

Sam is joint founder of the Pole Dance Community, an advisory body to the pole dancing industy.

Sam is dedicated to making the pole industry a safer and more friendly place for all.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of NUPA or IUPDC or if you would like to sponsor IUPDC just e-mail us.