PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Kirstin McKenzie.

Kirstin McKenzie Pole dancing instructor
Kirstin McKenzie joined the Pole Dance Community as an instructor in 2017. Kirstin commenced pole dancing in 2010 and has completed her Vertical Dance Instructor Training. We spoke to Kirstin to find out what she loves about pole and why she chose to become an instructor.

"Having taken advantage of a Groupon deal taster session with Pole Pursuits, I fell in love with the classes and kept going back.  Each new bruise was shown to my other half with pride, along with a detailed explanation of where it came from and why being covered (I mean COVERED) in bruises was a good thing.  It didn't even phase me when on our first cruise to the Caribbean they were displayed in their multi-coloured glory to about 2000 people (although my partner felt a little uncomfortable with the stares he received).

A few years down the line and I still enjoy these fitness classes.  I have trained with Pole Pursuits, Studio 202, Soul Pole (now closed) and Inverted in Aberdeen.  It's amazing how one city can support so many talented studios.  I've enjoyed training days at Head over Heels in Stirling, Studio 202, Stakatto and Inverted.  I visited a class in San Francisco's Vertical Barre Studio with the tallest poles I have EVER seen.

I have fond memories of a masterclass with Daniel Rosen. I Absolutely Love Pole.  I love the supporting community, the wealth of talent and knowledge which is always so freely given.  I love the camaraderie and supportive network where the class are genuinely happy for whoever has completed a new move, a nemesis move or has the most beautifully turned out feet! I am honoured to be teaching Pole (through Pole Pursuits at the Warehouse Health Club, Aberdeen) to some outstanding girls at the start of their Pole journey and I'm very much looking forward to continuing my own.

How long have you been pole dancing and why did you start?Kirstin McKenzie Pole Dance Teacher

Started in 2009 with Pole Pursuits. A mid-life crisis when I was almost 40

What did I do before teaching?

I’ve tried all sorts of classes, belly dancing, hula hoop, step aerobics, Insanity, trapeze, silks, but love pole dancing classes best.

What made you start teaching?

Another mid-life crisis, wanted to qualify before I was 50 (made it with 5 months to go :) )

Do you compete?

None, I don’t think I’m good enough and have far too much cellulite for that!  I do love watching them though, I love to see people dancing, the choreography is always outstanding

Have you undertaken any PDC gradings?

I’ve only recently completed the PDC level 1, that was just for me, a little confidence booster.  I go to pieces in any and every test situation, so understand why there can be audience choices and outright winners of competitions due to nerves

Which polers inspire you?

I love Oona’s flexibility, I’ve followed Emotion Catcher on YouTube for years and right now the music from Cleo’s Rock N Pole just makes me want to dance

What is your pole nemesis?

Flatline scorpio – I know that’s a simple move, but my left hip just won’t allow me to hold on with that leg, so I am working on getting it with my right leg, it’s a work in progress

What other hobbies do you have?

I make things, most recently Christmas baubles with little spinning stick girls in pole poses.  I also like patchwork and quilting.  My partner will tell you I have a house full of projects waiting to finish

Do you have any pets?

My two ginga ninjas Ziggy Stardust and Morrissey, Ziggy tells me when it’s bedtime and is my hot water bottle all night long, Morrissey is the top cat in the neighbourhood and is always fighting.  All that is forgotten about when the doorbell rings and it’s stranger danger as both hide

Kirstin McKenzie Pole Fitness InstructorWhat's your preferred footwear for pole?

Bare feet.  I do also covet a pair of Pleasers 808 flamingos and if I was in a studio with hard floors, I’d have them already

Preferred Pole size?

I have a 50mm at home and at the studio, however after practicing on a 45mm and 42mm, any new poles, I’d go for one of them

Titanium, stainless steel, chrome?

I have chrome at home, I’ve been on stainless steel and I’d also like to try brass.  Each pole has its own qualities and with sticky leggings now, you can really use any to do anything, tricks or spins

Static or spinning?

Static, but only because I get dizzy really easily, I need to practice more, as it opens up so many more styles of dance

Any fun student stories?

Usually a class filled with laughs and hair being let down.  I just love watching confidence growing and seeing what a student can achieve in even just one lesson

Preferred Grip aids?

Try not to, but in winter time your skin gets really dry, with no grip at all.  I’ve got embrace, poletice and Itac, as well as chalk, I give the students any to try out, the lupit pad is awesome for anyone with really sweaty palms

Plans for your pole future?

I’d like to continue teaching through Pole Pursuits and finish at least one of my half started projects at home

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