Meet our fabulous online pole dance grading assessors.

When you submit your online grading assessment it will be assessed by one of our fabulous grading assessors. We thought you might like to find out a bit more about each of the assessors and to see the wealth of pole experience they share. Your assessment is in good hands :)

PDC Pioneer Mary-Ellyn Weissmann:

Mary Ellyn Weissmann online grading assessorWith no prior dance experience of any type, Mary Ellyn Weissman started pole dancing in 2002 at the age of 42. She opened Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd in July of 2005 in the south suburbs of Chicago. She has trained at various locations internationally after starting our as primarily a self-taught pole dancer and has completed several pole dance teacher training programs and also holds several athletic and pole-based certifications.

In 2009 she hosted the first international pole camp, Dance Wicked For A Week, in Jamaica, which now is the venue for the Erotic Pole Dance World Championships and she has been hosting the North American Pole Dance Championships in Chicago since 2011.


Mary Ellyn developed the first pole dance instructor certification course to be offered in the US Midwest in 2008 (now a PDC endorsed certification program) and became a Pole Dance Community Pioneer in 2009. She has been an online grading assessor since she joined the PDC and received the PDC Grading Assessor Award in 2016.

Her primary love is teaching rather than performing or competing. She loves the close knit environment in the studio and has worked to establish that closeness within the general pole community as well receiving the most joy from seeing how happy it makes others when the pole community comes together and forms close relationships through various events.

She finds that being an online grading assessor not only is a rewarding experience in helping others achieve their pole dance goals but she feels it has greatly improved her skills by exercising her eye for detail of movement as well as learning to better express herself when training her students.

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Karen Currie:

Karen Currie Pole Dancing TeacherI started Pole back in 2007 after going to my ‘soon-to-be’ brother and sister-in-law’s combined stag and hen party - I was the only person reluctant to have a go on the Poles in the club he managed in London.  At 45 years old, I just thought I was a bit more ‘mature' than the rest of the group of 20-somethings, and definitely didn’t think I should be trying Pole Dancing - given it’s ‘dodgy’ reputation and all!

However, I was intrigued and decided to try just one class once I got back home, so that I didn’t feel quite so old and frumpy!  After that one class, I was hooked - I loved the way it made my muscles feel - slightly achey but definitely invigorated - and I liked the sense of pride that came with stepping out of my comfort zone.

So, 2 years later, after lots more classes, I trained as a Fitness Instructor and then as a Pole Instructor; soon after that, I started to teach my own classes which, back then, I called Pole Fitness.

I’ve now been running Princess K Fitness for the last 8 and have a team of 7 Instructors with another student in training to become an Instructor.  We teach Pole, Burlesque, Strut, Risqué (our version of Lap Dancing) and PureStretch - in Waterlooville and Chichester on the south coast and we are currently looking for more venues.

These days, it’s just called Pole for us - I’ve come to love the different genres of Pole;  it allows each and every student to express themselves with authenticity by acknowledging their own personality - Dance or Fitness, Sassy or Athletic - the choice is always Yours!

Pole has been a game-changer for me - what started as a new hobby, has become a part-time business which, in turn, has led to many friendships with students and Polers worldwide.  I’m often lucky enough to invite some exceptionally talented Polers to teach our students now too.

I love watching students start with us on Day One, nervously stepping into their first class wondering why on earth they thought Pole might be a good idea, then within a few weeks, having made some great friends.  All this whilst building strength, body confidence and a certain sassy attitude that makes them walk a little taller as they leave our classes.  We’re always keen to promote our non-judgemental, safe environment where students can feel relaxed in their own skin as they find out just what their bodies are capable of.

I’ve enjoyed being a PDC Online Grading Assessor because it’s great to watch what other Polers are achieving; some of the Routines are just beautifully put together and so inspiring.  It’s also about being able to acknowledge, understand and respect the time and effort that’s being put in to achieve the various Spins, Climbs and Poses.  I like being able to give feedback, whether that’s positive praise for Moves performed well or offering advise on how to tweak something to make it easier to achieve.  Being involved in the PDC promotes a community spirit and the gradings give students, and their instructors, some extra recognition for their efforts, especially when it comes to friends and family who may not understand their hobby at all.

And finally …  I’m now rather proud to be a 55 year old Pole Dancing Glam-ma - doting grandma to little Autumn who was born in April this year - that’s got to be my Pole USP!

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Jane Cole:
Jane Cole Online Pole Dance grading assessor

I've been pole dancing since approximately 2006 and like most people I speak to Pole then took over their lives.  I had seen an article in Cosmopolitan about all these A-List stars doing a new fitness craze. Having always been into my fitness I was intrigued. I started some sessions and was hooked by the challenge instantly.

I then started teaching Pole around 2008 encouraged by my own instructor Debbie, as I loved the whole body challenge it provided which is hard to be beaten in the gym or studio. I moved away to an area where there was no pole so if I wanted to continue my obsession I had make a choice and this was to create Pole Perfect Fitness.

9 years on my full time studio is based in King’s Lynn offering a wide range of syllabus guided Pole Fitness / Dancing, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Aerial Hammock and basically anything where it allows you to hang about, including Kid’s Circus.  It has taken all of those years of blood, sweat and tears, lots of mistakes to where I am now, and I see that as all part of the journey to where I am proud of all of the hard work mixed with some luck to be providing that unique and quality alternative fitness to those who want a fun, safe and supportive environment.

In June 2016 being a PDC Approved 4 star pole-dancing instructor (Which in itself is a huge achievement) I received The 2016 Grading Assessor Award.  Achieving this award for outstanding contribution to the pole dance grading system (AAP).   This was and continues to be a huge honour as I assist as 1 of 4 International Online Assessors, guiding Poler’s to achieving recognition for working hard towards their grading’s.  I just love the diversity that can occur under the banner of Pole.

In April 2017 my studio Pole Perfect Fitness won United Pole Artists Studio Choice winners of 2017.  The awards were held to recognise the hard work and dedication of pole studios, an international industry accolade, beating off more than 300 other entrants from around the world.

It was in August 2017 that I was asked to teach various aspects of Pole and Fitness in Norway, just showing again with lots of hard work, being in the right place and a sprinkle of luck just what you can achieve.

What’s next….

The world ☺

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Alex Copley:

I once saw a photo of someone on a pole and thought “Wow! I need to try that!”Alex Copley Online Grading Assessor

I went to my first pole class back in 2009, fell in love straight away and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since! I went to University in 2010, became a qualified instructor and co-founded the University of Essex Pole Club in the following year.  When I finished University, I started my own school back in Romford, Essex – ‘Stages Pole Fitness’ and this has been growing year on year. This year we celebrated our 4th anniversary at our Annual Showcase & Awards Event, I now have a team of 6 instructors and a fabulous bunch of students – my pole family, who I love dearly and am prouder of than I can say.

The things I love most about pole are that it is for everyone and has such an incredibly supportive community. It gives you the freedom to express yourself, develop yourself and find genuine friends who you would entrust your life to (literally, if they’re spotting you!). I love teaching because, in my mind, there is no better feeling than seeing someone achieve their goals, overcome their fears, grow in strength and develop their confidence and all through something you have taught them.

Being an assessor is also very rewarding as it allows you to physically give someone a reward for all the time and effort they have put in – I was ecstatic to be chosen as an online assessor as it meant extending the privilege of grading to poler’s from all over the World. Huge Pole Love! Alex x


There are several ways to submit your on-line grading:

1. Youtube - Upload your videos to youtube and then send us the link for each video. You can set your videos as unlisted so that we can view them but no one else can see them unless you send them the links.

2. File Sharing Program - Using a program such as dropbox you can send us a shareable link. When you look at your shareable folder there will be an option to create a shareable link, copy the shareable link then send it to us so we can pass it to one of our grading assessors. Please don't just make the folder viewable to the PDC e-mail address as we are then unable to forward it to a grading assessor.

To submit your grading you will need an up to date aap membership (Full membership or electronic membership). Each membership includes on free online grading. If you have already used your free online grading you can purchase another one for just £15 by dropping us an e-mail.