The Gemma Dear Courage Award 2018.

Gemma Dear Pole Dancing Award
Each year the Gemma Dear Courage Award honours an individual or group who show extreme courage and determination within the pole dancing industry.

The individual or group is nominated by PDC members (aap dancers and instructors) who explain why they think the individual or group deserves the award.

The award can be given to any pole dancer, instructor or group of pole dancers who demonstrate the qualities required to win the The Gemma Dear Courage Award.

The Gemma Dear Courage Award recipient symbolizes professionalism, strength, courage and dedication.



About Gemma.Gemma Dear Pole Dancing Bravery Award

Gemma Dear was a PDC Approved instructor for many years and was well loved and respected within the industry. Sadly Gemma lost her battle with cancer on July 13th 2017 after putting up a very brave fight. Gemma is greatly missed by both fellow instructors and her students so the award was set up to remember Gemma and to award those who show the same bravery and determination as Gemma did when she fought her illness.

To nominate an individual or group for the award simply drop us an e-mail stating your reasons why you think your individual or group deserves to win. Please give us as much information as possible so we can select the best person or group to receive the 2017 award. Please submit your entries by December 15th 2017. The winner will be announced the following week.

The winner will be selected by our team of online grading assessors.

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