Inspiring Pole Dancers - Angela Fowler.

Angela Fowler Inspiring Pole Dance
Welcome to the winner of our PDC inspiration competition 2017, Angela Fowler. We invited polers from across the globe to submit their pole stories and to share their passion for pole with us. Our winner was selected by our fabulous online grading assessors who loved Angela's story. Let's find out more about Angela and her pole journey.

My pole story started 3 years ago in 2014. Then in my early 40's I found myself divorced and a single mum. My ex husband had left me for another woman and I had no confidence. A friend convinced me to go to a pole dance studio, at first I was a I'm to old, no I'm not fit enough....but I went. From that first lesson I was hooked, it gave me confidence and fitness but most of all pole friends in all sizes and ages.

I am proud that I can say to people "I can hang myself upside down on a pole and look pretty and so can you!!" 

Angela Fowler Pole dance showcase
Since that day I have exceeded more than I ever expected. I train two times a week with two of the most lovely and amazing instructors. I have also encouraged lots of friend to go and try it out and they have also fallen in love with the pole experience.

I performed in two showcases for the studios I go to and I cant stop smiling. I now love my body shape and have the confidence to hold my head up high again. Who knew something as simple as a pole could help me so much.

Don't let anything put you off, not your age, fitness, strength and especially what other people may say. I'm 46, I have had two children, I wasn't fit and definitely not strong, but I have surprised myself with what I have achieved. I am proud that I can say to people "I can hang myself upside down on a pole and look pretty and so can you!!"  


We asked Angela a few questions about her pole journey to date.

Angela Fowler Pole Dance Competition

What is your favourite pole move?

Fav pole move has to be a shoulder mount.


Which pole dancers inspire you?

Charlotte Robinson, Sam king and my instructor Claire Cotterill along with all the other instructors I have had.


What is your Nemesis Move?

Handsprings, I have been trying for a while now and am so close but just can't get it. One day it will just come.


Tells us about your other hobbies and interests.

I like to walk my dogs and circuit train. I also love to make cakes from cup cakes Angela Fowler Inspiring Pole dancerto wedding cakes. I have two Border collies who are mother and daughter. Daisy & Lily


What is your preferred footwear in class?

I mainly do pole in bare feet but I do love a heels class to show off the legs.


Preferred pole type?

I use a 45mm chrome x pole. I do mainly static but it's nice to have a spin sometimes


Angela Fowler Inspiring Pole dancers

Have you done any PDC gradings?

I have done PDC grades 1 & 2 and will keep going till hopefully I get them all.


Have you sustained any inuries from pole dancing?

I cracked a rib doing a table top move. At first it wasn't to bad till I sneezed 2 days after, then it hurt.


Do you use grip aids and if so what is your favourite?

I use dry hands for my hands and a Bodyshop sorbet on my legs to help me stick.


What are you plans for your pole future?

I plan to keep doing pole making new friends and hopefully get my Handsprings asap!!
One of my photos is me and my best friend on way to the studio showcase I performed in, she had been my biggest supporter and now after some encouragement has been doing pole as well. Pole is for any age, strength and ability it's not what you can't do it's what you can do and the journey you take to get there.

Congratulations to Angela for being a fabulous pole ambassador. We hope she enjoys her new full colour core moves pole book.

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