Stages Pole Fitness Showcase & Awards Success 2017

Stage Pole Fitness Pole ShowcaseOn Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September, Stages Pole Fitness (SPF) opened its doors for its third annual showcase and awards evening.

Stages Pole Fitness was founded by PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Alex Copley in 2013 – on 23rd September – so this year’s annual event was also a celebration of the school’s exact four-year anniversary. SPF has seen some big changes this year, taking on four extra instructors: Claire, Emma, Ashleigh & Deniz – all of whom have been a huge help, co-teaching the ever-expanding classes and assisting Alex with SPF’s extra-curricular events, such as professional photoshoots, seasonal fancy dress fun sessions and socials.

Following 2016’s successful two-night show, SPF decided once again to run its showcase for two nights, and invited over 140 guests to watch.

Stage Pole Fitness Group HugPlanning for this event began in November 2016; its aim was to give students the opportunity to share their poling abilities, skills and tricks with their friends and family, and hopefully open up more minds and hearts to this fabulous sport. We wanted to give the audience an insight into the world of pole fitness, and show them how not only the sport itself, but the friendships formed, can give people new-found confidence and really make a difference in their lives.

"Pole is sometimes a misunderstood sport, so we really wanted to reach out to people, tell them about this wonderful and supportive community, and show them what pole fitness means to us." Alex, Instructor

The showcase included 15 spectacular pole performances, made up of solos, doubles, group pieces and a trio piece – an SPF first! It featured a huge variety of styles, with every genre of music from big band to dubstep to West End musicals. Students at all levels were given the opportunity to perform.

A lot of our students this year have only been poling a few months! It was incredible to watch them go from nervous newbies to perfect performers within such a short space of time – we couldn’t be prouder!” Megan, Instructor

Stage Pole Fitness Group ShowcaseThe night finished, as in previous years, with the group piece, featuring all 15 performers. This year’s number was an all-singing, all-dancing piece titled ‘Happily Poling Ever After’ and was a mix of popular Disney songs including Under The Sea (Little Mermaid), Son of Man (Tarzan), Let It Go (Frozen), Prince Ali (Aladdin), I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (Lion King) and Zero To Hero (Hercules).

“The instructors were all mermaids in the Under the Sea piece, and throughout it the girls were all so colourful and imaginative with their costumes, you can tell a lot of thought went into this number” Gill, Creative Director.
I actually choreographed the mermaid section in the pool on holiday back in June. I couldn’t wait to become a mermaid in this piece – it’s every girl’s dream!” Alex

For SPF, the award ceremony after the annual showcase is the perfect opportunity to highlight and recognise the Stage Pole Fitness Pole Mermaidsdedication and achievements of the students throughout the previous year, and for them to show all their friends and family how much their hard work is valued. The award categories include: Best Attendance, Most Determined, Best Attitude, Great Achievement, Best Pole Kiss and Best Pole Photo-Bomb.


It’s so important to us that we recognise the achievements of all our students. After each Wednesday class we pick a ‘Star of the Week’, but when it comes to the showcase, I feel it’s the perfect time to shine the spotlight on those who really deserve something special.” Alex

There was a raffle on both evenings with prizes donated by the students. Both audiences were amazingly generous and raised £210 for our chosen charity Starlight.  “This money will go a long way towards brightening the lives of children with terminal illnesses – we can’t thank everyone enough for getting involved – and we really hope they enjoyed their prizes too!” Alex

Stage Pole Fitness Group Pole Dance “It was incredible that so many people joined us once again, we felt very lucky to have two great audiences who cheered and clapped and helped us all through our pieces. Thank you to everyone who helped out or was part of the 'production team!’. Bring on next year!!” Megan

I am so very proud of all my wonderful performers, they were totally professional & gave it their all in every piece to put on a fantastic show for two pretty big audiences!! I don't think they realise that they inspire me to continue teaching. They are truly some of the most thoughtful & genuine people I've ever met - I love them all dearly & it is an absolute pleasure to be among such amazing & dedicated students every week. My pole family are the BEST!!!” Alex
Stages Pole Fitness is already planning its 2018 annual showcase and awards event, so make sure you get in touch if you would like to be involved next year!

Interested in starting classes at SPF? Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 8:00pm in Stages Performers Academy, Romford, Essex, UK.

With special thanks to Stephen Tierney Photography and Totum Print Solutions.

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