PDC Registered 1 star pole dancing instructor Charles Philpot

Charles Philpot Pole Dancing Instructor

Welcome to one of our latest PDC pole dancing instructors Charles Philpot. Charles started poling in 2016 and has recently qualified with PDC approved course provider Spin City. Charles has also carried our a successful level 4 PDC grading. We spoke to Charles to find out more about him and what he loves about pole.....

My name is Charles and I have been Pole Dancing since October 2015 at A Pole New Adventure in Sheffield. I have a background in Athletics (6 years) and Kayaking/Canoeing (9 years), and only started Pole when a friend of mine was determined that I give it a go.

Exercise has been pretty much part of my life since I started athletics seriously during Charles Philpot Male Pole Dancing Instructoruniversity but over time I got a bit bored of it and it was not offering anything new, it was just running in different places. I've always loved circuit training and strength based exercise but was craving something that would give me creative freedom, beyond planning lab experiments!

So I gave Pole Dancing a go and after a few months I was pretty hooked, I did my first ever workshop with Alex Schukin in April 2016 and my first performance at a Pole For Purpose in December of that year which was amazing and was a stripper style act. A big shoutout would have to go to my instructors Gemma Griffiths and Sarah Bibby who were instrumental in me progressing and falling in love with pole dancing and performing. I started my training as a Pole Instructor in January 2017 which seemed like a natural step for me - I love teaching people things, helping out people in the studio and encouraging them, so it was definitely for me.

Now I'm finally qualified (woohoo!!) and am doing some travelling Charles Philpot Urban Pole Dancingand festivals this summer, whilst trying to fit in as much aerial, gym, yoga and pole as I can between my travels. I am set to move to Glasgow in September for a Masters where I will be training at Twirl N Tone and with the Glasgow University Pole Dancing Club, and hopefully find some teaching, somewhere.

However you can usually find me doing street pole in the form of shouldermounts, flags, choppers, handsprings and whatever else comes to mind wherever I can (e.g. scaffolding, lampposts, trees, on the tube, statues) as it's just a bit of fun, which will hopefully inspire people to take up pole or do exercise!

Charles :)

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