UK Pole Dance Day Monday 1st May 2017 - Pole Love.

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Theme for 2017 - Pole Love.

Let's put pole polictics aside and share our passion for pole.

For 2017 we want you to take a moment to thank the people in the pole world who have helped make your pole dreams come true. You might want to tag your favourite poler to thank them for inspiring you, you could tag your pole instructor to tell them how much you appreciate them.

Perhaps you want to tag your pole buddy who makes your pole lessons amazing.

You might want to tag a pole artist whose performance inspired you or helped you through difficult times?

How about tagging the person who first introduced you to pole?

Let's make UKPPD an incredibly special day.

Change your profile picture to the UKPDD logo then tag away! Just right click the image above and save it then you can upload it to your profile.

Don't forget to put this incredibly important date in your diary. UK Pole Dance Day is a chance for polers of all genres to unite to celebrate what we love about pole. Whatever your pole preference this a chance to share your passion for pole with the entire UK.PDC UK

What is UK Pole Dance Day and how did it start?

• UK Pole Dance Day is a national, annual event held on 1 May that celebrates and promotes understanding of pole dance as a legitimate art form and form of exercise.
• UKPDD is a non-profit event and participation is open to all.
• Founded in 2009 by the Equity Pole Dancers’ Working Party.
• May Day was chosen as the date to encourage a better understanding of pole dance. Traditional maypole dances form part of the May Day celebrations and UKPDD builds on this great tradition.

UK Pole Dance Day Facebook page.

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