Concept for Trainer Education (Prof-Level)

Crazy Pole Instructor Training
This Pole Dance teacher training is for people who have been teaching and instructing before, maybe even for a long time, but never made an approved teacher training.

If they want to have a trainer certificate approved by the PDC, they can join this special training which is only open for people who succesfully ran through the selection process showing their teaching abilities.


1st step: Application and pre-testing
2nd step: 2-day training and learning at CrazyPole Augsburg
3rd step: Written test (end of the weekend)

General information about the concept
As the pole dance industry grows and more and more people are interested in learning this kind of sport educated trainers and teachers are very important.

CrazyPole offers a teacher training for people who begin teaching and a second one for people Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Instructor Coursewho succesfully ran trough the beginner-teacher-training. In this trainings we explain how to teach poledance and the participants get our course concept, so that they are ready to teach with a tested course concept.

The concept for beginners and intermediate is already approved by the PDC.

For people who have been through our pole instructor training and want to get another certificate as well as for people who are instructors without being approved or tested for many years we want to offer a teacher training for professionals.

So CrazyPole Augsburg (Nadine Rebel-pictured right) and CrazyPole (Alina Schmidt-Buttke pictured below left) created the concept CrazyPole Instructor Pro-Level Teacher Training.

Nadine Rebel is not only a pole trainer, but she also studied sociology, psychology and pedagogy. She is the owner of the consulting firm Rebel-management training and author of the books "Fit for work for women"; "Work-life balance for women naughty" and "Pole Dance Passion", the comprehensive standard work for the Pole Sport in German language. Nadine Rebel is also a columnist for Pole Art magazine.

Alina Schmidt Crazy pole instructor trainingThe concept for the professional teacher training ensures the highest level of approved training method, which enables the participants rapid learning progress and enables them to get their knowledge approved. That’s why this training is aimed at people who already have trainer experience (because they went through our training before or because they have been teaching without any professional education before, which not automatically means that they have to be bad).

Safety, quality, reliability and cleanliness are the foundation of the course concept.
That’s why the training is only opened for people who can show their abilities in an application process before or ran successfully through our other trainings.

The applications process asks people who want to join the training to send several videos before  so that we can test whether they really have good trainer qualities and we could offer them to take part in our training.

As the training is aimed at pole dancers who already have professional abilities, the following things are tested through video before the presence phase (one weekend at the CrazyPole Augsburg Studio) starts. Only pole trainers who succeed this test before can take part in the presence phase.

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