PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Jessica Knapper.

Jesscia Knapper Pole dancing instructorSelf-proclaimed “lazy girl”, I used to hate sports. I never participated in school fitness activities, didn’t enjoy hockey, netball or swimming, and had tried to attempt gym memberships which just ended in self-disappointment and a waste of money. Suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, I found it hard to get myself into gym gear, and most times out the door, so if you had  told me seven years ago that I would be teaching a room full of girls, in essentially my underwear with a big smile on my face, I would not have believed you!


I started poling in 2011 and, although (admittedly initially) terrible at it, I was soon hooked. I became a pole dancing instructor in August 2013 and after a year of teaching and training I took over managing Madame Peaches Pole School in Edinburgh and completed my Spin City Pole Instructor Training.  I love creating new challenges for myself, as well as my students, and in 2016 decided to complete my first ever performance at Incredipole and hope to inspire my students to showcase their talents and skills in future.Jesscia Knapper Pole Dance Teacher

I absolutely love being a Pole Instructor and helping Madame Peaches grow to reach more and more students who I hope, like me, find something that keeps them fit, introduces them to some of the best people you could ever hope to meet, and instils some self-acceptance and love. I feel like we have achieve this and can’t wait to continue doing so in future:

“A really welcoming place with supportive, friendly instructors and lovely classmates. Instructors regularly go above and beyond to help students and classes are made up of practising old moves, learning new ones and the occasional game or dance break. I've made some great friends at Madame Peaches and I would recommend pole classes here to anyone."

“I went to a taster session a month ago and had so much fun, I had to book in for a private 1-2-1 session. I can't believe how much I learned in just 1 hour! Jess is an incredible teacher, Jesscia Knapper Pole Dance Instructorhighly knowledgeable and patient... I felt comfortable and at home and like it was a safe space to try and fail and try again. Would highly recommend Madame Peaches to every one of my friends!”

“I lost all confidence a few years ago but i can feel it starting to come back since I've started at Madame Peaches!"

I regularly attend training sessions with Miriam Wolanski of Wolanski Pole Fitness, Falkirk and try to get to as many workshops as I can get my hands on including: Kristy Sellars, Lux Atl, Sarah Blackmilk, Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Shimmy, Kitty Velour, Marion Crampe, Josiah Badazz Grant, Terri & Lisette, Amy Hazel and Toxic Cherry. I also have made it my ambition to attend a pole class whenever I go on holiday and have had the pleasure of learning in some beautiful studios including Pole Dance Factory, Barcelona, Pole Dance Factory, Amsterdam and Fly Art Pole Studio, Krakow. I also attended Pole Camp Croatia and it is my dream to attend one of Indi Polewear’s Bali Camps!

If you would like to book a class with Madame Peaches simply get in touch on our webpage or find us on Facebook

Jessica's Qualifications:

Spin City – Beginner Pole Instructor
Spin City – Intermediate Pole Instructor (in progress)
Spin City – Pole Fabrics
Spin City – Flexibility & Stretching
Spin City – Anatomy & Physiology
Emergency First Aid at Work

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