PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Jane Cole receives The 2016 Grading Assessor Award.

Jane Cole Pole Dance Community Grading Assessor
Jane Cole is one of three people to achieve this award for outstanding contribution to the pole dance grading system (AAP). The other 2 awards went to Mary Ellyn Weissman and Karen Currie.

Between these three awesome ladies they have graded several hundred pole dancers contributing towards the fact that last month (April 2016) we saw the 1000th graded pole dancer get assessed which is pretty impressive. Congratulations again to Jane and well done to all her awesome polers who have made the grade.

Find out more about our award wining grading assessor Jane Cole and her pole journey:

What do you feel the PDC pole dance gradings give to your students/school?


I feel it gives a more structured formal way of tracking their progress. I compare it to Ballet exams but the pole equivalent. Although I have my own syllabus for each apparatus I teach; PDC offers that slight difference and an addition to their training to give my students the whole package and give me that professional edge.

Would you recommend the pole dance grading process to others?

I would recommend those who wish to have a formal idea of where they are at compared to a national standard. It gets students to think not just of tricks but the whole package that ultimately makes them better polers.

What do you think is the hardest part of the grading?

Hardest part is explaining to my students to not over complicate the process but also the commitment required. Pick a song that they can move to not what the trend dictates and be prepared to put the time and effort in.Jane Cole Pole Perfect Fitness

Do you have any more pole gradings in the pipeline?

Yes I run quarterly examinations at my studios, personal training sessions or Skype assessments for those who are far away.

How long have you been pole dancing?

I've been pole dancing since approximately 2006.

What got you into pole dancing?

I had seen an article in Cosmopolitan about all these A list stars doing a new fitness craze. Having always been into my fitness I was intrigued. I started some sessions and was hooked by the challenge instantly.

What did you do before you started teaching pole dancing?

Before I qualified as a Pole Instructor/Group Fitness etc I was a Bar Manager and part time Door Supervisor. Before that a Site Secretary and Employment Law Assistant.

What is your favourite pole move?

My favourite move has to be Genie. (See picture below left)

What made you start teaching pole?

Jane Cole Pole Dance Move The whole body challenge it provided is hard to be beaten in the gym or studio. I moved to an area where there was no pole so I had to create Pole Perfect Fitness. It was and still is providing that unique and quality alternative fitness to those who want a fun, safe and supportive environment.

Have you entered any competitions? If so tell us about your experiences?

No, the opportunity has never been available plus I'd prefer to see my students shine rather than become the light that blinds them.

Which pole dancers inspire you?

Everyone that has the courage to start something such as pole is inspiring. But I guess my first pole crush was Felix Cane. More to my inspire / crush list has to be Crystal Gibson who is just the best laugh and friend ever, Jamilla is a wonder, Maddie & Michelle are Flexy and sexy inspirations and of course Sarah Scott.

What move is your Nemesis?

Lol many, guess we all have them it's how you overcome that's the trick.

Do you have any other sports/hobbies?

Running 2 studios The Fitness Studios and Pole Perfect Fitness keeps me rather busy so not much time, I'm in process of training to be a Sports Therapist. So quite a sporty active person. Hobbies when I had time was Dressmaking but I do enjoy studies and improving knowledge.
Jane Coles Pole Dance Dogs
Do you have any pets?

I have 3 dogs and partner :-) Lexi who's a mental Rottie but soft as anything, Kez who's a fluffy Sheltie who's like the boss of the clan, and little Freddie a Yorkshire terrier who is Lexi's little brother and thinks he's the same size as her.

Lexi and Kez pictured right.

What is your preferred footwear for pole dancing?

I generally pole barefoot however like most am getting increasingly into my Pleaser collection. That and thigh high boots if I do Sexy Stilettos classes within my studios.

Do you prefer 38mm, 42mm, 45mm or 50mm poles?

I don't mind any, I realise that each brings its own benefits and challenges which I then embrace. However if pushed for an answer typically I'm on a 45mm chrome.

Titanium, chrome or stainless?

Only ever had chrome although have recently purchased a bright pink silicon which is fun (if you don't like skin).

Jane Cole Pole Perfect Fitness TeacherStatic or spinning?

For most of my pole life static was the only way, having done some research and habits within my school we generally can be found with Spinning pole preferences.

Any fun student stories?

Ahhhhhh hard one, we have such a laugh in sessions that funny stories are a weekly occurrence.

Do you use any grip aids or gloves when you dance?

I've never used gloves and don't allow on classes as skin does need that contact and toughening up. Personally not one that really needs grips aids as a rule but basic climbers chalk if it's hot or itac for shoots where I need to be in 1 place for a while.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue with building my studios Pole Perfect Fitness and The Fitness Studios, to be known as specialists,offering unique and quality sessions not available anywhere else. Building my therapy client base Daytimes with my partner Terry, adding to his extensive skill repertoire. And have aspirations to be judging competitions in the Pole and Aerial community, though I have much to learn!

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