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Do I need to submit a list of my 10 moves for my grading?

Yes, assessors can't always guess which move you are trying to do so either e-mail your list of 10 moves when you submit your grading, write them down for your instructor or overlay some text to your grading video to make it clear which moves you are executing.

Can I submit my grading on a sleeved/Chinese Pole?

No, we do ask that all PDC gradings are performed on a metal pole as the sleeved poles give too much grip advantage.

Can I submit my grading on a spinning pole or must I use static?

If you are doing any spins in your isolated moves section of the grading then these must be performed on a static pole so an assessor can judge your ability to create momentum. If you are just executing tricks then these can be performed on a spinning pole. For your routine you can choose either static or spinning functions for your pole.

Can I use 2 poles for the routine section of the grading?

Yes, you can use as many poles as you like! You may want to show that you can perform well on both spinning and static pole. Your routine is your chance to show your creativity so you can even use props. Be a creative as you like!

What if I submit a grading using an older version of the syllabus will it matter that some of my moves are in different levels to the current syllabus?

Yes! You must use the most up to date version of the syllabus for your grading submission. If you submit moves from the wrong levels of the syllabus you will score zero points for these moves. dancer3
Will I fail if I include a move from the wrong level of the syllabus?

Not necessarily. You may score enough points to pass your grading despite the error. Please note that any moves from the wrong levels of the syllabus submitted within your isolated moves section will score zero points.

Will I be scored for an incorrect move?

No, if for example if you submit a level 4 grading and one of your moves is actually a level 3 move then that move will be scored at zero point.

Should I copy the PDC syllabus videos exactly?

No. Not all of the PDC syllabus videos show perfect technique or execution. The syllabus videos merely help us identify a move by its name and level of difficulty. See the answer to the next question also.

Do I have to get in and out of each move in the same way as shown in the PDC syllabus videos?

No, please use your own creativity especially for the routine element. The syllabus vids merely help us identify a move by its name and level of difficulty.  It is up to you how you choose to get in and out of each move. You are marked on entrance and exit so to get a high score you should move fluidly and effortlessly in and out of each move. You should also hold any isolated trick for about 3 seconds. For spins we are looking for them to create good momentum. Check for soft landings and strong, controlled lifts.

Does it matter how I place my hands/legs/feet?

We are looking for perfect lines and form so the move doesn't have to be the same as the syllabus videos but it does need to show excellent form throughout the body, we judge you on everything including toe point, hand alignment, leg alignment, extension through the back etc. Can you extend more, can you make the move look even prettier.

If I fail my grading will I have to pay again?

Usually yes but not in all cases. We do tend to judge each re-grade/grading failure on its own merit. Please see examples below:

aap memberExample 1 - If you submit a grading at say level 5, any move submitted that is not on level 5 of the current syllabus is marked as a zero. if as a resultof this you fail the grading you can submit a new video of a new move to replace the incorrect one and you would have to submit a new video routine. if only one move was incorrect we would charge you just £5 for reassessment.

Example 2 - If you got lots of moves on the wrong levels then you would have to pay the full £15 fee to submit a new grading.

Example 3 -  An assessor recently graded a level 5 video and failed the grading as the cool down was only 40 seconds long, it turned out that the video had been cropped when uploaded to dropbox, the lady concerned was able to send me the missing bit of the video and as there was no extra time involved for the assessor she simply checked the cool down and resent her results. The lady in question passed the exam with the cool down element added.

N.B. As we have to pay grading assessors for their work and as there is admin involved we do not refund grading submission fees. Also first time gradings are actually free as part of the AAP membership so they would only pay for any regrading costs.

Do I need to use the PDC Core moves names when submitting my assessment or can I use the names I use at my local school?

We do ask you to use the primary names and not the AKA's to save assessors having to search for AKA's when assessing a move.

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