University of Plymouth Pole Dancing Club receives PDC Approved Club Status.

University Plymouth Pole Dancing club PerformersPlymouth are the second university* to receive approved sports club status. This means that all of their instructors are PDC Approved and they comply with the PDC code of conduct.

Often university pole societies and clubs do not have suitably qualified instructors and too often we see large numbers of students per pole.

The University of Plymouth Pole dancing Club (UPPDC) was originally formed as a society in 2006 before receving sports club status in 2007. 

UPPDC has been very active in raising money for various charities, organising showcases and competing in inter-university competitions.  University Plymouth Pole Dancing Club Logo

The UPPDC are currently taught by PDC Approved instructors at the Art of Dance studio in Plymouth.

We spoke to some of the UPPDC members to find out more about them, what they love about pole and what being part of the club means to them.

UPPDC Committee member 2016/2017 Rhi Frost said "I first joined UPPDC at the beginning of my second year at university, having seen it being promoted at the Sports Fair in Freshers week. It was the first time I’d ever tried pole dancing and I immediately fell in love. I was hooked on it from day one and saw progress in both my confidence and my strength within weeks. All the teachers are down-to-earth and encouraging and being a part of UPPDC feels like being part of a strong, supportive and exciting community.

2014/2015 committee pictured below.

University Plymouth Pole dancing clubI ran for committee at the end of the year, and so have been on it throughout my third year. Being a part of the committee has made me more passionate than ever about pole dancing and the club. Since its foundation in 2006, and its status as a sports club established in 2007, UPPDC has continued to grow and progress.

Within the last year alone we’ve hosted a regionals competition (which UPPDC members placed in 3 categories for), a successful charity showcase, gone on sports tour and experienced fantastic pole sessions on the tour, and received funding from our Students’ Union (for the first time), amongst many other achievements. UPPDC has developed over the years under the guidance and dedication of previous committees and Sam Remmer’s never-ending support and tireless work, and my love for pole and the club made me determined to give my all to it this year."University Plymouth Pole Dancing Club Members

UPPDC meet and greet 2015 pictured right.

Former UPPDC committee member and current pole Lou Tilly Trenchard said "I was interested in going to a pole lesson before I moved to Plymouth and joined the university but I was always too nervous. I went to the sports and society Fayre and everyone on the Pole stand was so lovely and funny I thought that I could really enjoy this, not to mention the price was amazing.

When I started the classes I was surprised how social it was not just outside the classes but also at the classes. I met so many different people. I learnt that not only could my body bend in ways I did not think it could but also that I was stronger than I ever thought. It also gave me confidence as a person, I enjoyed something and I wasn't the best but I was supported by my teacher and my peers. I went on to be the social secretary and after that the chair person. I learnt skills in communicating with different people and coordinating events. Since leaving uni several years ago I continue to do pole and now my husband joins me at classes. It is a way of expression, fitness and immense strength and I am so glad I signed up that day at the fayre."

2016/2017 UPPDC member Emily Melton said "UPPDC was the first society I signed up to. New at university and painfully shy I can’t believe I was brave enough to do it however I’m so glad I did! Without sounding melodramatic, pole fitness has completely changed me… I did no other form of exercise before pole and was so out of shape that walking to university had me out of breath.

I’m now much healthier and happier and have gained the confidence to try other sports such as canoeing and even joined the gym. I have no doubt pole is something I will carry on doing for a very long time. I’d also like to say that the instructors at the art of dance are all wonderful and extremely welcoming."

If you would like to seek PDC approval for your club or society just drop us an e-mail. If you gain approval we can also feature your club in an article similar to this one to help promote your good work.

*Edinburgh Pole Society were the first pole club to gain this accolade.

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