PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Romina Hausbeck.


Romina Hausbeck Die Polerei Pole Dance studio
Romina Hausbeck is the principal instructor at Die Polerei in Kiefersfelden, Germany. Read the beautiful story of how she discovered pole dance.

My Name is Romina Hausbeck, most people call me Romy, and I was born in 1989 in Munich, Germany.

Growing up in a very small village, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina - dancing all day and wearing wonderful costumes. Just like a typical girly. Glitter glitter *** and a big stage!

Shortly I also dreamed of becoming an astronaut… but as my mother told me about their way to eat, this dream quickly vanished into thin air.Romina Hausbeck Pole Dancing Instructor

So my choice was clear! In my dreams...I still wanted to dance! I Imagined: Pointed Toes… Lovely Girls… Flexibility… and everything in Pink. OMG – I'm so happy not to be addicted to pink anymore!

"And then I discovered pole dance! I immediately fell in love! I saw the perfect mix between ballet, gymnastic and acrobatics - a high performance sport!"

Romina Hausbeck Pole Dance GermanyMy Mother supported that dream sendig me to gymnastic courses (because ballet would break my feet, she said). I dont know the exact age of my first competition, but I always trained with a lot of fun and for more than 5 years. At the same time I went riding horses regulary and played in a theatre group. My childhood was filled with joy and love… and a lot of sport. Because of all these sporting activities I've always been very thin (but strong), and so I was bullied many times at school. This made me more and more insecure and shy. It felt as if my colourful childhood was over, and a new face of reality shown which I did not like at all!

At the age of 20, I finished my apprenticeship and went to England. Driven by social pressure not to fall into reverie, but to make a big career in an office: Wearing Suits, always watching my phone, checking e-Mails – I was busy! I had completely forgotten that I always wanted to be a dancer… I had forgotten to dream! I was just living for the moment and trying to make my job better and better.

In London I worked a lot, and suddenly learned a new way of life. The people I met were pretty good in doing their business and having parties the same Day!!! They spent their freetime outside or went dancing! My first look back into my younger self was jivedance – what a fun!!

And then I discovered poledance! I immediately fell in love! I saw the perfect mix between ballet, gymnastic and acrobatics - a high performance sport!
 Romina Hausbeck Die Polerei
Back in Germany I regularly trained and made quick progress. I was totally addicted to it! Suddenly I didn´t feel shy – I began to love my body! I met congenial "crazy“ enthusiasts of sport and the most lovely community I've ever found. I walked upright and confident, and I was able to play with my charm and sex appeal, if I wanted to and I could tell my feelings by dancing.
What a great way to get to know yourself!

2014, having moved to the mountains in the vicinity of Austria because of searching for a better quality of life, I found no possibility to train at a studio (because poledance isn´t that well known in Austria), so I decided to open up my own studio! My Father always says "reach for the stars!“ Often heard, never believed….  

Romina Hausbeck Pole Dance TeacherBut I still worked in a normal job to save my income and put aside money for the Studio.
I had the dream, to show other girls and boys, how they could learn to love themselves, and let confidence and strength grow. No matter what body size!

So I worked really hard at the evening and during weekends, and gained my instructor license, nutritionist qualification and some other sport licenses. I found a perfect room with charm and decided to do the big step without knowing if this sport would be accepted in this area!
However, it was! Even more than I imagined!   DIE POLEREI was born
I met amazing girls, who showed amazing progress!

Well, to open up Die Polerei was the best opportunity my life has offered to me and I am so thankful for that!

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