PDC Approved 4 Star Pole dancing Instructor Nicola Ghalmi

Nicola Ghalmi Pole Dancing ProfessionalNicola Ghalmi is the owner and senior instructor at Dance Inspires in Oxford, UK. Nicola has extensive industry experience and she recevied her 4 star references from fellow 4 star instructor Andi Ariseanu and 3 star instructor Natasha Medlin.

Natasha said "Nicola is a very dedicated, hard-working and focused individual who strives to be the very best at what she does, learning new skills/courses to pass onto students as well as developing her own personal goals. She is a patient, caring and motivational teacher who pushes and brings out the best in them.

I have seen just how hard Nicola has worked to get where she is today, the sheer amount of work that goes into her competition entries and her flexibility journey is inspiring. I’ve supported her at the majority of competitions she has entered and seen her come away with some well earned successes and beaming smiles!!

I admire Nicola for sharing her battle with Anorexia and how she has overcome it, becoming Nicola Ghalmi Pole dancing portraita role model for those going through similar situations. I have also witnessed her follow her heart – her dream to teach pole full time came reality when she took the plunge and left her full time job to dedicate her time and energy to Dance Inspires which she now owns.

Nicola deserves PDC 4 star status to reflect the work she puts in for herself and her students,  the girls at DI love their Pole Momma :-)"

Andi said "Nicola is a brilliant example in our industry. She's an attentive and caring teacher and business owner and has her students best interest at heart. She is constantly training to keep up her personal development and always makes an effort to stay current with the progression in the industry. She's a brilliant poler and a hard worker and is definitely deserving of 4 star status."

Nicola's Pole and Fitness CV:

Nicola Ghalmi Pole Dance AthleteProfessional Qualifications:
CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing
Level 3 ILEX Legal Secretary

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
Vertical Dance Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced qualifications
Spin City Pole Fabric
Spin City Beginners Aerial Hoop
Spin City Advanced Flexibility
Level 3 Pilates (including Anatomy & Physiology)
Level 2 Children’s fitness (YMCA)
First Aid

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Instructor Training and Workshops:
Sam King.
Terri Fierce
Michael Donohoe
Dan Rosen
Andi Active Cherry

Teaching History:
I have been teaching for 5 years. I began teaching after 1 year of beginning pole as I fell in Nicola Ghalmi Pole Dancing Instructorlove with the sport and wanted to give others the good fun that I had experienced.

I teach around 600 students and also offer worshops to external schools nationally. This year I am also teaching in Pole Camp Corfu.

Student's pole dancing success:
I have had a few of my students enter competitions who have been successful – such as Susan Norwood who placed in a local competition, Charlotte Claydon who placed in the British Pole Superstar beginner’s category and Leanne Davey who won 1st place in a 2014 competitoin in the UK and 2nd place in the same competition the following year in the professional section.

Many of my students are gearing up to compete again in the Dance Inspires In-House competition in July 2016.

Continuing Professional Development:
I am currently working towards completing more aerial hoop courses so that I can provide higher levels of tuition to my students.
As well as this I plan to continue to attend as many workshops and privates that I can, in between competing.


Competition Achievements:
Nicola holds many competition titles at various UK competitions including:
Pole Factor Contemporary Winner 2013
Lincolnshire Professional Pole Champion 2014
Kent Professional Pole Champion 2014
BI Professional Champion 2014
Miss Pole Dance Semi-Finalist 2015
Bristol Pole Champs Finalist 2016
IPAAT Finalists Expert Category 2016

Professional Pole Appearances:
As a keen competitor, competition in comps has taken priority over offering pole performances. Much of my time is geared towards helping those in their competitive journey and writing about my experiences to help others. (This can be found on www.journeyofapolecompetitor.com where I write a blog and provide sources to competitors all around the world)

Judging Involvement:
Nicola is an experienced judge having judged for several UK competitions as well as local university competitions. In 2016 Nicola is judging at the English Riviera Competition in Torquay, UK. Judging in competitions has helped Nicola understand what is expected of a competitor.


Sponsored/Brand Ambassador for Poleamor UK products and services.
Sponsored/Brand Ambassador for Polesilks.

Nicola Ghalmi Professional Pole DancerPole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
Promotion of events via the JOAPC site and on my facebook pages. As an advocate of competitions I share events widely using social media and my website JOAPC which includes a worldwide list of all competitions.

Product promotions have included all of PoleAmor UK products, including Polesilks.

Charity Involvement:
I organise a yearly 12 hour poleathon event at Dance Inspires. This year we selected a local charity called SeeSaw who provide grief support to children across Oxfordshire.

Just Giving Dance Inspires

We exceeded our £1000 target for the charity and had support from Di and local schools.

Pole Dancing Press and Media:
In 2015 I was nominated as a one of the top 10 for a Pole Athlete Award in the Pole Sports Industry Awards.
Last year, I was also featured in several articles for speaking out about my experience of suffering with anorexia and how pole helped,  save me. The article was featured in places such as the Daily Mail, The Dail Star, The Sun and others. Many people reached out telling their experiences and thanking me for inspiring them to keep going.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
I plan to carry on competing and learning. My biggest goal is to reach the stage at UKPPC one day. In the near future I am looking to undertake more aerial hoop courses.

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