Top 5 Steps to improving your Flexibility.

Leana Darbyshire Vertical Barre teacher
Article written by PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Leana Darbyshire.

Increasing your flexibility is down to more than simply stretching out your muscles through static stretches.  Here are my top 5 suggestions for you to try:

1. Massage - Massage helps to release tension both physically and mentally and also increases blood flow to your muscles.  So it's the perfect excuse for you to ask your stretching partner for a massage next time.

2. Foam Rollers - These act as a self massage if you don't have a stretch partner handy hanging around!  I love my foam roller! There are some really good ways to use them which I can share with you another time.

3.  Dynamic Stretching - This is using moving stretches for example walking lunges, arm swings or leg swings.  They are a great way for warming up the body for stretches to come. for example standing leg swings, before performing splits stretches.

4.  Partner Stretching - Another good reason to train with a partner.  I think this adds a fun element to training too.  The students in my classes love partner stretching.  For example sat in a straddle on the floor, your partner can help push your back forward, so your chest can get lower to the floor than if you were simply stretching alone. Don't forget to communicate with each other so you know where your limits are.

5.  Practise, Practise, Practise - I like to say that failure can not live with persistence.  You can not give up, if you want great results you have to be committed to your flexibility training, you can't just do a day here a day there.  It takes a lot of determination, persistence and routine to get results.  Which I know you can do if you put the effort in.  Think of your favourite Pole or Aerial Idol, how many hours do they dedicate to training?  

Remember stay safe and train safe.  Never push to hard as an injury will only set you back.  Be committed but remember the turtle always wins the hare.

Leana "feeling bendy" Darbyshire

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