What does being a PDC approved 4 star instructor actually mean?

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor

So what makes someone a 4 star instructor with the Pole Dance Community and what does that accolade mean?


Pasted below is the text that we use on our PDC Approved 4 star instructor page but we also wanted to expand on the 4 star status, what it means and why many instructors deserve this recognition:




"PDC Approval (4 star) is achieved by providing a suitable pole dancing CV to the PDC. In addition, the applicant must provide two references from PDC Approved Instructors and must hold an AAP membership.

As a minimum, PDC Approved (4 star) Instructors should exemplify excellence in teaching Sarah Brown Approved Pole Dancing Instructorquality and have extensive pole fitness industry experience.

They must be able to display a pro-active community involvement.

This may include, but is not restricted to; running competitions, organising master classes, training champions, providing teacher training courses, having local and preferably national media recognition."

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Sarah Brown pictured right.

We all know that being a pole dancing instructor is not really the most lucrative career choice and for most instructors it is their passion for pole that drives them. A 3 star instructor is already a great benchmark so why chase 4 star status?


"A 3 star instructor is already a great benchmark so why chase 4 star status?"


The status does not necessarily imply better teaching quality, but rather an ability to promote pole dancing to a wider audience – which is beneficial to the industry as a whole.  By recognising these wider industry contributions, the PDC aims to encourage instructors to present a professional face to the public at large, improving the perception of our sport to everyone's benefit.

Karen Currie Pole Dancing Teacher

The pole dancing industry has grown massively over the last few years and has become much more mainstream and this is mainly due to the hard work of individuals who put their head above the parapet and shout about how amazing pole really is.


Often being a 4 star instructors means extra unpaid work, such as charity show cases or judging small competitions.  They do it because they love their art and want to share it with others.


"They do it because they love their art and want to share it with others."


PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Karen Currie pictured left.

When an instructor applies for 4 star status, they are asked to complete a formatted CV.  The CV covers some obvious areas such as teaching history, workshops attended (or presented) and their student's successes.  It also covers their engagement outside the pole community where we are looking for evidence of regional/national media exposure, any sponsorships (gained or provided) or charity promotions involvement. 


We would naturally expect a 4 star instructor to be a strong supporter of the PDC and its mission, shown by involvement in the forum, helping other members or by promoting the AAP grading scheme.


In these ways, a PDC Approved (4 star) Instructor is recognised as making a positive contribution to the pole fitness industry.  They earn the accolade with great thanks and appreciation from us all.


"They earn the accolade with great thanks and appreciation from us all."


If you are a pole dancing instructor and you would like to apply to join us at 4 star or any other level, we invite you to complete a pole dancing instructor application and the PDC Team will guide you through the process.

Check out our amazing 4 star pole dancing instructors from our dropdown members list.

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