PDC Approved 3 Star Pole Dancing Instructor India Alton.

India Alton Pole Dance InstructorIndia is the principal instructor at Indigo Pole Dance and Fitness Studio located in Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK.  We spoke to India to find out more about her passion for pole:

I began pole dancing five years ago and it’s truly gotten into my blood. Now, when I’m not dancing… I’m thinking about dancing!  I have been hooked from the very start.  Before I started pole dancing I

used to go to the gym once or twice a week, but each session felt like a tedious chore. I decided I needed a change, I wanted to find a different, more exciting way to keep fit, something that I could look forward to....that's when I discovered the pole! 

For me pole dancing is the perfect blend of dance and sport, two of my great passions in life!  I love all aspects of pole, but most of all I love how each individual can make it their own and express themselves freely.India Alton Pole Dancer

"I’m so grateful to have such wonderful people around me. I think it’s extremely important for everyone in the pole world to support each other as we’re all in this ‘Pole Bubble’ together."

Around three years into my pole journey I started entering competitions and performing in local pole dance cabaret shows. I achieved better results than I ever expected I could.  I won awards at Studio Boutique’s Pole Pageant, won 1st place (Advanced Experienced Amateur) at Lincolnshire Pole Championships 2015 and awarded Overall Winner at Pole Theatre (Amateur) India Alton Pole Dance Teacher2015.  One of my prizes from Pole Theatre was a place on an Xpert Instructor Training course.  I had never even considered teaching pole dance until I completed this course. That was a huge turning point in my life!

Eight months later, here I am…2 classes in the bag! In between working another job I run classes in a beautiful dance studio at Base Fitness in Beverley. Over the last 8 months I made sure I had the all-important training to allow me to run a safe and effective class.  I have completed my Xpert training Level 1-4, First Aid at work, Exercise to Music Level 2 and became a PDC and PoleSafe approved instructor.

I have managed to get through to the finals of the Yorkshire Pole Championship 2016, Professional Performance category.  I entered this competition to make sure I keep on top of my own training.  I think it’s important not to lose sight of why I fell in love with pole in the first place. For me competing or performing is what keeps me focused.  

I have had an overwhelming amount of support over the last few years from my friends and family.  My pole instructor Emma Nicholson (Owner: Studio Boutique) has been such an inspirational and wonderful instructor.  Lisa Oxtoby (Owner: Better Bodies) has always been by my side, telling me to believe in myself. I’m so grateful to have such wonderful people around me. I think it’s extremely important for everyone in the pole world to support each other as we’re all in this ‘Pole Bubble’ together.

I now look forward to this next stage in my pole journey!

India’s Master-class history:India Alton Pole Fitness Teacher
Yvonne Smink
Jess Leanne Norris
Lisette Krol
Annalisa Muresu
Sarah Scott
Karen Chaundy
Kirsty Griffiths
Lucy Webster
Emma Coffey

India’s Private class history:
Charlotte Robertson

India offers group and private Pole Dancing classes, Body Conditioning and Pole Parties at Base Fitness gym, Beverley.