PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Anne Goswell.


Anne Goswell Pole dancing instructor
Anne Goswell has been a member of the Pole Dance Community since its fruition in 2009. Anne has been teaching and pole dancing since 2006. Anne has considerable industry experience and contribution.

GoesWell is one of the most established pole school schools within Edinburgh and Scotland.  Anne has been a pole dancer since 1998 and has seen and been part of the ever adapting industry.  With her experience and knowledge Anne is proud to be at the forefront of a school which recognises dancers of all levels, helping individuals achieve their personal development.  "Pole dancing truly is for everyone!".


The school is proud to be able to assist students in various development of their pole skills from fun show performances to competition entries and even those with the intention of starting up their own pole school.  GoesWell is happy to help you obtain your personal goals from a one off 'tick the box' class to a lifetime of pole passion.Anne Goswell Pole Dancer

There are very few in the industry with Anne's knowledge and skills.  Anne feels honoured to be in a position to pass on some of the secrets and tricks of how to be an amazing pole fit dancer.

Anne received her 2 references from fellow 4 star instructors Cindy Cooijmanns and Sam Remmer.

Cindy said "I would like to give my support to Anne Goswell in gaining her Level 4 recognitioin with PDC. Anne is one of the few Scottish people I know that promotes pole dance internationally, in a very positive way. Her goals are similar to mine. I will keep supporting her competitions and convention."

Sam said "I am fully supportive of Anne Goswell's application for 4 star instructor status. Not only is Anne a great teacher but she is also so active within the industry and is always promoting pole dancing in a positive light.  

Anne always strive to be as professional as possible and is constantly looking for more ways to promote pole to the wider world.

In addition to promoting pole to the wider world Anne is passionate about making sure her homeland of Scotland is firmly represented in the pole world. Anne puts on annual events (competitions and workshops) to prove that Scottish Pole is thriving.

Anne is more than worthy of being a PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor."


Anne's Pole and Fitness CV:

Anne Goswell Pole Dance Teacher
Professional Qualifications:

BA(Hons) Hospitality & Tourism
HND – Leisure Management

Fitness Qualifications:
Fitpro – Level 2 Exercise to Music.
First Aid at Work

Membership of Professional Bodies:
Active Skills
Register of Exercise Professionals
Pole Dance Community

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:
Aline Kerber – 2015
Kristy Sellars  - 2015
Crystal Gibson – 2015
Scottish Instructors Summit – 2015, Heidi Hildersley, Tiffany Hayden, Natasha Scott


Teaching History:
2006-2008 - Pole Stars
2008-2016 -  GoesWell Instructor


Student's pole dancing success:
My students have gone on to win competitions and some have started their own schools – Varie Anderson, Miriam Wolanski to name 2 highly reputable business woman.


Continuing Professional Development:
Zumba instructor for 3 years
Keeping up personal training and encouraging instructors to do the same.

Industry ContributionAnne Goswell Pole Dancing School

Competition Achievements:
I have only ever repeated once in a competition held in Glasgow 10 years ago.  Since then I have judged many competitions in the UK.

Professional Pole Appearances:
I have done guest appearances at Mr & Mrs Scotland and been hired for performances at the Caves.  Alternative Burlesque Fair in 2014 but this is not my chosen route anymore as I was a professional stripper for many years.

Pole Unity 2008

Judging Involvement:
Pole Divas 2008/2009
Mr & Misses Pole Scotland 2012-2015
TALPDC 2015 (Ireland)
P2P 2008-2014
IPSF 2013/14

Sponsorship provided:
UKAPP 2015
Pole Performance 2016
IPAAT 2015

Sponsored gained:
Pole Moves Box
Everything Pole Dancing

Anne Goswell Pole Dancing PicturePole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
Scottish Pole Dance and Fitness Convention is intended to help with the cross over of different forms of dance.  The convention was intended to promote pole dancing in a more positive light and change perspectives.  As a result this is the 3rd year of the event running and more dancers from different backgrounds are offering their dance skills and knowledge.  Those attending get to try activities they would not normally consider and our pole classes have more enquires as a result.

Charity Involvement:
Goeswell Annual Christmas Events raise money for local charitities:

Leonard Cheshire, home for people with disabilities 2008
Make a Wish Foundation
SPANA – Donkeys in Bethlehem
Cash for Kids
Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care

Publicity and media attention gained:
The first year of the Edinburgh Pole Competition as we run an under 16 section brought media attention.  GoesWell and the school has brought much media attention, particularly in the beginning as pole dancing was a novel sport.  


Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
"To be part of the ever adapting pole industry.  With 20 years experience it is part of me now and my lifestyle.  I would like to be involved in the small changes that I offer my students in the day to day classes and encourage them to be part of a bigger community.  I picture myself still running GoesWell for many years to come and would like to personally be recognised by the PDC for my involvement with the industry up till now.

My next step – I am currently awaiting planning permission to build a studio in a purpose built garage in my back garden.  If this is successful then I plan to offer a retreat for people wishing to come to Scotland on a pole holiday, exclusive for up to 6 persons at one time.  

The venture is 'Birds & Bunnies' and is intended to be a very small sanctuary for these specific furry and feathered 'friend's.  Any profit will go back into the development idea as it grows and adapts to meet demands.

The reason I am applying to obtain the highest level of prestige from PDC is to use my experience and develop something more sustainable than just pole dancing alone and make a small difference and contribution to a niche market."

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