PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Ciro Esposito.

Ciro Esposito Pole Dancing Instructor
We welcome Ciro Esposito from Pole Dance Campania to the PDC and we share his story about his passion for pole dance.

I would like to share and show my appreciation on how pole fitness has saved my life. I have been a part of the fitness industry for over 10 years and am in love and overly satisfied with the discipline.  But, all of a sudden, it started to become a great burden on me, because I saw people not interested, lazy;

basically just wasting time at the gym. This in result saddened me very much and influenced Ciro Esposito Pole Dancing Italyother life problems. I fell into a spate of depression, I wanted more for my body and mind, which resulted negatively on me. I felt trapped because in my small community the only fitness options are the gym, dancing,  soccer for boys and volleyball for girls.

One day, by chance I found a picture of a girl on a pole who was in the position  "jade" and I remember saying "BHAA" it can not be that in lap dance they do these things. This is when I began to do some advanced research, looking at pole dance videos online. But all the research took me back to the classic lap dance ..... But then all of a sudden I found myself on a page where a couple were tagged in a photo and there was written "pole dance," from there I opened YouTube and immediately went to peek, and magically I began to admire this beautiful discipline.

Immediately I bought a pole without even knowing how to use it and mount it. When the package arrived in the mail I felt great internal body sensations, as if rejoicing, I began now to go on it, to turn around. I practice by trying to imitate the video I had seen in previous days.
The same night I said nooo I must investigate this even more !!!! I soon learned  that my pole of choice is the 45mm because it is the perfect fit and I prefer a chrome pole. Also, that I like using the pole in both static and spinning. I continued learning the different pole dance moves and have to say that my two favorites are Gemini and Aysha. One move I really despise is the
caterpillar because it bothers me to go down the pole while I am upside down.


The next day I watched video tutorials of some figures, and when I repeated the post, my heart perked, I was too happy. I remember that one pole dancer, in particuar, that I really admired from these videos was Saulo Sarmiento. One can really see his resistance and strength and he is able to execute his moves with class and harmony. After a few weeks I decided to go ahead and Ciro Esposito Pole Dance Teacherbegan to study Vertical Dance and achieve my first certificate, so I began teaching pole dancing which is not as simple as one might think since I live in a small, closed minded town with ancient and religious mentalities plus the fact that I am a man. There are many prejudices but the states of proudness and admiration of spectators and my students received when I am on the pole gives me the grit I need.


From this picture alone you have a clear image of the kind of person I am. Now, let me give you a clear impression of where I come from. I live in Mugano, which is a minuscule town in the Campania region of South Italy. Where I come from there are no pole dancers and from the eyes of many in this small town Pole Dancing is very scandalous. Living in a small town everyone knows each other and each other’s business and people love to talk but I did not let this stop me.

Before becoming an instructor, I worked as a dancer in Milan at the San Babila Theater. I always had a passion for fitness and have been a part of the fitness industry for over ten years. I have Ciro Esposito Vertical Dance Pole Teacherwon two National Championships with ENDAS in Aerobics and Step. I also have a qualifications in:Aerobics, Step, Modern Dance, Aerial Hoop and Pole Dance 1 and 2 and am on my way to the 3rd. I am now completing a course of Tri-Fly. In my free time I love to be creative and make crafts by hand using clay and fabric. I also have a dog named, Masha, and enjoy
playing with her.

There are many prejudices but given the opportunity of teaching such a radical discipline has given me also the opportunity to attract a group of girls that are not common to the close
mentalities of this small town. I have gotten the chance to interact and play with such a high spirited group of girls that are pushing the way of making pole dance an option and artistic discipline in such a small town plus the feeling of proudness and admiration of spectators and my students when I am performing routines on the pole gives me the
grit I need.

I always have a great time in class teaching my class of students of all girls aged from 12 to 54 from all diverse fitness levels. Even though during every class I managed to get hit in various body parts from my head to my stomach and it is especially funny to see my students kick my glasses off my head. (Every time I have to buy a new pair of glasses!).

Thanks to pole dance and to you for giving me the strength to continue my life with so much happiness.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me since I have been doing pole dance for only three years.  For now I will continue growing this interest of Pole Dancing in Campagnia where I have already been declared the fifth best instructor in Italy through Pole Dance Italy and a goal of mine for the near future is to enter a competition and I will continue my
studies to become a head instructor for other pole dance instructors.

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