The PDC Syllabus - Core Moves

NEW for 2016

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The PDC Syllabus steering group have been working hard behind the scenes to turn the pole dancing syllabus into something even more brilliant.

Many group members felt that the pole dancing world was getting carried away with variations of moves and combinations and this meant that many polers were missing out on important core moves.

It was decided that we should go back to basics and recreate the syllabus with more essential options for beginners as this is a section of pole which is often overlooked.

It is so important that polers learn progressively and safely, we hear too many scare stories about students being taught twisted grip moves when they have never learned a basic spin.

Also whilst advanced moves can be very impressive sometimes we forget the beauty in basic moves and shapes.

The PDC Syllabus has been completely refilmed with sharper images and beautiful colours. The index allows you to find moves using their AKA's as well as their most used name. The book is not a teaching aid but simply a great resource for teachers and students to make notes to aid their pole dancing development, work on gradings or assess moves on levels of difficulty.

The syllabus is divided into 6 levels providing moves for any pole dancer from complete beginner to pole master.

If you can master the core syllabus you can achieve anything. Once you have the basic building blocks of pole you can start to create amazing combinations and transitions. When you are at an advanced stage you can link the advanced moves and put your own stamp on each trick to create jaw dropping combinations.

The PDC syllabus is available in paper or electronic format so you can access it anywhere. The book weighs in at a hefty 1kg.

Let's take a little look at the PDC Syllabus and it's evolution to date; When the PDC was founded in 2009 we core yogi liftasked all our members to submit photos of different pole moves and we created a syllabus using those images. It was very apparent that there was massive confusion over what different moves were called and how they were classified in levels of difficulty. For us to move forwards as an industry we needed a recognised syllabus that could be accessed by all.

Right - A page from the new PDC syllabus book.

The 1st official PDC syllabus was launched in 2012, pretty much the entire syllabus was filmed by volunteers at the Spin City studio in Bristol. Polers from across the UK came together to film the new pole syllabus but again we were shocked at the numerous names we were using for pole tricks and spins.

In 2013 we launched the 2nd pole syllabus, this was a step further towards recognised names and levels of difficulty. For the 2013 version we toured the UK filming at different studios and reaching out to new members.

It has taken over 2 years of filming, editing and discussion to create the new core syllabus and we think you will agree this is a big step forwards for the pole dancing industry. We owe a massive debt to the syllabus steering group who have put hours of work into improving the syllabus for the benefit of the wider industry. We should also thank our amazing syllabus dancers without whom the syllabus would not be possible. We hope you love this groundbreaking new pole product.

Below - a screen shot of the new PDC syllabus DVD-ROM.

core dvd screen

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