PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Emma Nicholson.

Emma Nicholson Pole Dancing InstructorWelcome to our latest 4 star approved pole instructor Emma Nicholson. Emma is the principal instructor at Studio Boutique in Hull, UK. Emma received three references towards her 4 star application from fellow 4 star instructors Stacey Snedden, Jamie Taylor and Lucy Webster. 

Stacey Snedden said "Emma is a fantastic teacher, she is XPERT certified in Level 1 to 4 and has also under gone the XPERT train the trainer.
Emma has a great knowledge of Pole and embraces all aspects of Pole Fitness and Dance.
I have worked with Emma a few time one more recently when she Judged the first Dance Filthy.
Emma was very professional and you could see from the audience that Emma has a great following. Her studio is gorgeous and she definitely deserves to be a Level 4 PDC instructor. "

Jamie Taylor said "Emma is 100% dedicated to her studio, her own pole development and to her ongoing teacher training. Having passed the Xpert teacher training, and also having regular stretch sessions and workshops with other professionals to add to her teaching skill and repertoire .

Her studio is well maintained and her students are always positive and happy. The Studio Boutique community is a healthy culture to be a part of."

Lucy Webster said "Emma is completely devoted to the running of her studio. She has created a wonderful, safe and inspiring environment for her students to train in and offers a fantastic timetable of classes and events throughout the year. She arranges two shows each year for her students to perform and compete in which are organised to an incredible standard. She also supports and encourages her students to enter competitions locally and nationally and regularly hosts masterclasses to give her students the opportunity to learn from different instructors with different methods of teaching and different styles of dancing.

Emma is also extremely dedicated to her own personal development and training. Not only does she spend a lot of time self teaching, she also regularly attends masterclasses with a variety of teachers to keep on top of the latest moves and to widen her pole knowledge and ability. She also ensures she is up to date with the latest teaching methods and standards by attended various professional teacher training courses.

Emma is not just a fantastic instructor, she is a positive and inspiring person to be around and without a doubt she deserves to be awarded 4 star instructor status."



Education & TrainingEmma Nicholson Pole Fitness Teacher

Professional Qualifications:

Hull University, Advanced Diploma in Inclusive Education, 2007 -2008
Hull University, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, 2001 -2002

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
Xpert Pole Fitness 3&4, Xpert, 2015
Anatomy & Physiology, Spin City, 2014
Xpert Pole Fitness 1&2, Xpert, 2014
First Aid at Work Requalification, HSTS, 2012
First Aid at Work Refresher, HSTS, 2011
Burlesque Technique Instructor Training, Pole Passion, 2010
First Aid at Work, HSTS, 2009
Physical Yoga 1, Northern Fitness, 2009
Exercise to Music, CYQ, 2009
Pole Fitness Instruction, Fitness Wales, 2008

2015 Professional Development CV:

Hosted and attended 'Stage Make-Up' and 'Halloween Character Stage make-Up' workshops with Danielle Clements (October)
Attended FITT workshop 'The Shoulder: understanding and management of common injuries and conditions for pole dancers' at The Fitness Hangout, Godalming (September)
Gained approved instructor and studio status for teaching Cleo The Hurricane's Rockin Legs N Abs programme (September)
Hosted and attended Tiff Finney workshops 'Tiffs Tricks' and 'Forbidden Floorwork' (August)
Hosted and attended Ann Marie Mainprize workshop 'Yoga adjustments for alignment & flexibility' (July)
Attended Jambo Truong workshop 'Happy Hip Openers' (July)
Hosted and attended Ann-marie Mainprize workshop 'HandBalancing' (July)
Hosted and attended Leah Rose workshops 'Slink' and 'Spin' (June)
Hosted and attended Jamie Taylor workshops 'Stripper Style Tricks', 'Hardcore Floor', 'Exotic Dance On and Off the Pole', and 'Ancient Exotic' (June)
Attended Doris Arnold 'Sexy Floor and Pole Choreography' workshop at Herts Dance & Fitness (May)
Attended Rebecca Starr 'Contortion, Strength & Flexibility' workshop at Herts Dance & Fitness (May)
Attended Maddie Sparkle 'Strength & Tricks' workshop at Herts Dance & Fitness (May)
Completed Flex Academy 'Flexibility' (foundation level) training in Newcastle (April)
Hosted and completed Xpert level 3&4 certification (February)
Hosted and attended Sarah Scott workshops 'Power Pole' and 'Mobility' (February)
Hosted and attended 'Thai Yoga Massage for Pole Dancers' workshop (January)

Emma Nicholson Pole Dance Flexibility2014 Professional Development CV:
Hosted Emma Coffey's 'Drops, Flips and Power Transitions' workshop (December)
Contortion training at the Contortion Centre in Amsterdam (November)
Attended Xpert 'Train the Trainer' day at The X-Pole Development Centre in North London, resulting in being selected to be an Xpert training assistant (October)
Completed Spin City's Anatomy & Physiology certification (October)
Hosted and attended Sally-Ann Giles masterclasses at Studio Boutique (September)
Hosted and attended Sarah Curry's Performance Masterclass at Studio Boutique (August)
Hosted and attended Lucy Webster masterclass at Studio Boutique (August)
Hosted and attended Jamie Taylor masterclasses at Studio Boutique (August)
Attended Marion Crampe workshop at Herts Dance in Welwyn Garden City (July)
Attended Kristina Nekyia flexibility masterclasses at Butterfly Studio in Sheffield (June)
Completed XPERT training qualification level 1 & 2 at Polenastics Lincs (June)
Attended Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage for Lower Back Conditions with Julian Cosmo Kemp at The Yoga Lounge in Hull (June)
Hosted and attended Jamie Taylor masterclasses at Studio Boutique (March)
Attended the Northern Pole Dance 'Instructor Meet' Weekend at Northern Pole Dance, Newcastle (February)

2013 Professional Development CV:
Private training with Deb Riley at the British Pole Dance Academy, Stoke (December)
Contortion Training at The Contortion Centre, Amsterdam (December -twice!)
Attended Felicity Logan masterclasses at British Pole Dance Academy, Stoke (November)
Attended Deb Riley's Flexibility masterclass at Elegance Pole Studio, Loughborough (August).
Attended Leigh Ann Reilly masterclasses at Bodybarre, Manchester (August).
Attended Josiah 'Bad Azz' Grant masterclasses at Pole Addictz, Scunthorpe (June).
Attended Bendy Kate masterclasses at Polenastics Lincolnshire (May).
Hosted and attended Jamie Taylor masterclasses at Studio Boutique (April).

2012 Professional Development CV:
Attended Alethea Austin masterclasses at The Fitness Hangout, Godalming (December).
Nadia Shariff private training at London Academy of Pole Dancing, London (November).
Attended Sarah Scott masterclasses at Dance Finesse, Waddington (October).
'Contortion Trainer Training' at The Contortion Centre in Amsterdam (August).
Chantelle Pritchard private training at Studio Boutique (January).

Pre 2012 stuff:
It's a bit of a blur but here are some highlights!Emma Nicholson Pole Dance Performer
Attended Alethea Austin masterclasses, Pole Athletes, Derby 2010.
Deb Riley private training, British Pole Dance Academy in Stoke on Trent, April, 2010.
Private training with Bobbi, Bobbis Pole Studio in Sydney, Australia, August 2009.
Private training with Amy, Girlfriend Fun & Fitness in Brisbane, Australia, August 2008.

Teaching History:
Owner and Instructor at Studio Boutique 2010 – present
Primary School Teacher for Hull City Council 2002 – 2013
Pole Fitness Instructor at Pole4Fitness Hull 2008 – 2009

I have taught my own workshops as a guest instructor at other studios too:
The Studio, Alford (Sept 2015)
Vertikal Pole, Grimsby (Aug 2015)
Pole Addictz, Scunthorpe (July 2014)
Polefire, Manchester (May 2014)

Student’s pole dancing success:
Hayley Crowther, finalist in Northern Pole Princess (intermediate) 2015
Bella Harris, finalist in Dance Filthy Northern Edition (amateur) 2015
Beverley Hilton, finalist in Yorkshire Pole Championships (advanced) 2015
Sarah Rawlings, finalist in Yorkshire Pole Chamionships (beginner) 2015
Danielle Prentice, finalist in The Authentic Pole Competition (advanced) 2015
Katie Whitely, finalist in The Authentic Pole Competition (beginner, 1st place) 2015
India Alton, finalist in Lincolnshire Pole Championships (advanced, 1st place) 2015
India Alton, finalist in Pole Theatre (amateur, drama, overall winner) 2014
Jiorgia Cliff, finalist in Yorkshire Pole Championships (intermediate) 2014
CJ Turrian, finalist in Yorkshire Pole Championships (intermediate) 2014
Hayley Crowther, finalist in Yorkshire Pole Championships (advanced) 2014
Rebecca Fraser, finalist in Edinburgh Pole Competition (beginner) 2014
Katie Whitely, finalist in Authentic Pole Competition (beginner) 2014
Beverley Hilton, finalist in Polenastics (intermediate) 2013
Amelia Lourie, finalist in Emma’s Pole Dancing Competition (intermediate) 2013

Continuing Professional Development:

As you will see from my ‘masterclass/workshops attended’ above, I’m extremely committed to continuing my professional development.
I am enrolled to begin Yoga teacher training with Amiyoga in Hull in 2016. Upon completion I will be a ‘Recongnised Yoga Teacher’ (RYT) registered with the Yoga Alliance UK.
I also have a week of intense pole training (15 hours) in Sydney in December which includes private training with Bobbi, private training with Maddie Sparkle and workshops at Amber Rays Haus of Pole.
I am also requalifying in First Aid At Work this month with Health and Safety Training Services (HSTS) in Hull.

Industry Contribution

Competition Achievements:
Northern Pole Princess 1st place, Semi Pro Category (2013)
British Pole Superstar Championships 2nd place, Instructor Category (2013)

Professional Pole Appearances:
Small part as feature pole dancer in music video for Bud Sugar's 'Jon's Song' (June 2014)
Pole performance at 'The Howling Night' Halloween show for LEAPS charity at Bridlington Spa (October 2013)

Emma Nicholson Xpert Pole Dancing InstructorJudging Involvement:
Judge and guest performer at Dance Filthy (Northern Edition) in Skegness (August 2015)
Judged at Miss Pole Dance Amateur & Semi-Pro in Felbridge, Sussex (June 2015)
Judge and guest performer at the Authentic Pole Dance Competition in Wigan (June 2015)
Judge at the Lincolnshire Pole Championships (February 2015)
Online judge for the Yorkshire Pole Championships (from Nov 2014)
Judge and guest performer at the  Authentic Pole Dance Competition, Wigan (March 2014)
Judge and guest performer at the Lincolnshire Pole Dance Championships (February 2014)
Link to performance from LPC 2014:

Charity Contribution:
A percentage of ticket sales from my studio’s ‘Pole Pageant’ goes to the Compassion In World Farming charity, we have a raffle at the same event and all proceeds go to a local animal shelter (Hull and East Riding Ferret Rescue).
In 2013 I raffled private lessons to raise money for a local grass roots music festival funded by people and business owners in the city.

Publicity and media attention:
I contacted the local newspaper after my first competition (BPSC) and they ran some stories on me and the studio:
More recently, one of my students competed for title of ‘Miss India Worldwide’ in Dubai. Each competitor had to do something unique to entertain the judges. CJ chose to perform a beautiful pole show demonstrating grace and strength and received a standing ovation! On her return to Hull she contacted the local newspaper who again visited my studio and ran a story:

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
My goal is to continue to be a positive role model within my studio and within the wider pole industry. Also to continue to run a pole studio that provides a warm, friendly, professional and inclusive environment for anyone that chooses to join us.
I look forward to more dancing, more bending, more tricks, more pole superstars, more shows, more shoes, more comps, more roadtrips, more jams, more bruises, more bikinis, more workshops, more challenges, bring it all on! I aspire to live a pole dancer’s lifestyle for as long as possible!

Additional Information:
Each year I organise two shows for my students to perform in:
The ‘Pole Pageant’ which is ultimately a show but with competition elements, I have a judging panel (including Lucy Webster pdc approved instructor) and friends and family are invited to buy tickets to come along and support the performers. Most of the girls are first time performers or girls with not much performance experience.

The ‘Black Flamingo’ is a pole dance cabaret show in which I have my more experienced performers who are used to being on stage and entertaining an audience.

Both shows are of an extremely high standard and always sell out. They give my girls the opportunity to perform on a wonderful stage in an extremely supportive atmosphere. Our shows are always very well received and get great reviews from audience members, other professionals involved in the shows (e.g venue, first aid, light and sound tech etc..) and of course from the performers themselves. I feel this is an extremely important part of running my studio and work very hard to give my girls this platform.
Black Flamingo, May 2015
Pole Pageant, November 2014
Black Flamingo, May 2014
Pole Pageant, November 2013

I have also been involved in other promotion and performance events within the city, often with girls from my studio who I love sharing these opportunites with:
Hull Pride Burlesque Performance, West Park in Hull,(July 2013).
Hull Pride Fundraiser event Performance, Star & Garter in Hull (June 2013).
Hull Bid Fashion Week Performances and Promotions (April 2013).
Provided, styled and choreographed girls for local group ‘End Of Level Baddie’  music video (July 2012)

Created, styled and choreographed the 'Black Flamingo' event at Lizard Lounge in Hull, August, 2011.
Hull Pride Burlesque style performance, West Park in Hull, July, 2011.
Hull Bid Fashion Week Performances and Promotions, April, 2011.

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