PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instuctor Italia Cordaro.

Italia Cordaro Pole Dance Teacher
Italia Cordaro is the principal instructor at Chicago Pole Dance. Italia received her two supporting references from Nicole Kohl and Patti Zikmund.

Nicole Kohl - "As a member of PDC and as a former regular and occasional drop in student of Italia’s I support her in her effort to obtain 4 star Instructor status.  Italia is an amazing instructor and helped me achieve my goal of being a pole dancer as well as encouraging me to become an instructor.  She is a

phenomenal instructor; one of the few that I truly feel empowered me in my pole journey.  Her long time love and passion for pole has transferred to her students and she is respectful, motivational and a fantastic coach.  Her class structure is superior to other studio’s I’ve attended and because of that I’ve incorporated much of what she taught me into my own curriculum."

Patti Zimund - "Italia Cordaro has made a tremendous impact in my personal and physical growth in pole and movement. Italia showed genuine interest and took the initiative to make sure my needs and goals were going to be met. Italia is a strong teacher with the ability to demonstrate, coach, spot and develop a person. I have personally experienced and also witnessed her successful development of students. Italia works hard and commits herself and has fun with you in the process.  I have felt safe in Italia’s classes and have experienced far fewer injuries due to her ability to properly teach moves and techniques.  Italia helps challenge you while helping you develop the proper conditioning and flexibility that leads to continued growth. I am very thankful I have experienced her teaching"

Education & TrainingItalia Cordaro Chicago Pole Dance

Professional Qualifications:

I am currently in the process if receiving my barre certification through Exhale Enterprises in New York, training with Fred DeVito, Elisabeth Halfpapp, and Tyler Ingram. I have been teaching pole dancing for 7+ years and have continued to expand, grow and train in this industry to deliver solid foundation to all my students. As of recently, I have become  independent developing and creating my own pole/dance program. I have 17+ years of gymnastics and dance background. My dance experience ranges from classical ballet, modern, latin and ballroom dance styles.

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
Same as above. I have been teaching pole dancing for 7+ years (since 2008) establishing a solid student base, and being more than an instructor but a teacher. I teach 5-8 privates per week. In addition, I was the lead teacher at Sheila Kelley S Factor for the last 5 years, maintaining a retention rate of above 85% for 5 consecutive years. I have experience in Choreography and have aided students in creating routines for various pole competitions throughout the midwest. I have lead a couple students to place and/or win titles.

Italia Cordaro Pole Fitness ProviderWorkshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:
I am finishing my barre training in NY, through Exhale Enterprises. In addition, I will be attending the August retreat/workshop in L.A with Choreography house. During competition season coming up, I intend on taking as many workshops with Estee Zakaar, Alethea Austin, Sammantha Star, Heidi Coker to name a few. It is important to continue to learn from and explore various technique on an ongoing basis to offer students variety as well as continued knowledge. I am trying to take a class or 2 at Body and Pole in NY where my schedule allows.

Teaching History:
I have been teaching pole dancing for over 7 years and have taught over 200 students through the course of my career.  From basic classes to advanced. I have been developing my own program/curriculum for pole, movement, flexibility, strengthening and dance. As a teacher, I have developed outstanding relationships with my students as well as colleagues. I have been asked to train other studios and instructors from outside studios as well as instructors wanting to teach directly for me in my new home studio. I have mentored over the years other teachers in technique, concept, movement and pole breakdown. I have grown my student base substantially.

Italia Cordaro Pole Dancing InstructorContinuing Professional Development:
Ongoing, creating, developing and innovating ideas for movement, pole, flexibility and strengthening to allow a safe, full bodied understanding of this industry.

This development is continuously evolving and I am creating a fully cohesive program that I feel is lacking in this location. Development needs to grow as the industry grows. In addition, it is with extensive study to compound various movements and practices that help facilitate a sound, professional, fun program.

I intend to to do this through continued hands on training, learning and implementing of workshops and training programs as it relates to pole as well as dance. It is also important to understand the delivery of this information to other instructors to make sure the knowledge is shared and delivered in it's most effective way. This is a challenge in itself. It takes dedication, time, commitment and a level of understanding to make a good teacher, rather than just an instructor.

Industry Contribution

Competition/Performance Achievements:

Choreographed for Patti Zikmund (placed in various competitions) and showcased for Alethea Austin at her home studio). Choreograhed for  Elizabeth Tauzon, placing 1st at Midwest Pole Competition, in the Essentials division.  

Publicity/media gained:
I Have been interviewed numerous times for various local newspapers and magazines in Chicago and featured in local news segments for the city.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
To create a sound, safe, professional curriculum and pole/movement program in the Chicago area. To really fuse movement with pole dancing as an art. I have found many studio only focus on one, pole tricks, or the other, dance. I want to create a curriculum that embodies both fully and thoroughly. This is coupled with a level of teaching and training that I have yet to find. There should be a standard for teaching, spotting, understanding that is extensive it itself.